SIMGE On The Scene: Illiterate Light, The Dawn Drapes and Accidental Seabirds played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd October 25, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

I had been waiting for this show all month long, this weeks Happy Mondays exemplifies what I have come to love about these musical gatherings. Granted, I am a bit of a shadow dweller, not getting in the way and letting everyone do their thing, but I always observe. It is a photo problem. Much like getting caught in a stare while you are looking at facial features, so bad. The contour stare. Anyway, the camaraderie is beautiful and infectious. Much has to do with all the peace and love Accidental Seabirds brings with them, allowing you to get entranced in the songs and want to hug the one next to you, just because. 

Two piece bands have been killing it for me as of late, coming up from what has become a major stop for many NJ bands, Harrisonburg, Virginia, Illiterate Light brought a different style of Guitar and Drums with them. More along the experimental side of indie alternative, this duo adds bass pedals to the mix to compliment their sounds and the drummer is erect. Really cool stuff. 

Rolling out on tour with Illiterate light, The Dawn Drapes are originally from Harrisonburg. With their recent move to the City of Brotherly Love, we should be seeing more of this quartet in the months to come.  I caught them the last time they came through the area, great to catch up again with them.

I sit here jamming out to The Greenpoint Spill wondering how many people see inside the music of Accidental Seabirds. Grabbing what looked to be a 50/50 split between musicians and fans, their is always such a feeling of warmth originating from these guys. I must say one of the things I have come to look forward to is the incense getting burned up during the set, enhances the mood perfectly. In between the stories being told there is some serious music going on with off kilter accents and time changes, and a rhythm section so cool and subdued, yet wildly together. So effortless they are. I seem to put the camera down because of them and just take it in more often than not. As is the custom, all the bands joined in to jam on the last song of the night and created The Dawn Light Birds. Be sure and check out Accidental Seabirds at The Saint on election night!  

Up next week we have The Psychiatric Metaphors, Darkwing, The LeMats and Prehistoric Forest. 

The choice selections from the evening: 

Illiterate Light

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The Dawn Drapes

dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-18 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-20 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-34 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-45 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-50 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-57 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-61 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-70 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd-75 dawndrapes1024_pshepherd

Accidental Seabirds 

seabirds1024_pshepherd-9 seabirds1024_pshepherd-10 seabirds1024_pshepherd-16 seabirds1024_pshepherd-19 seabirds1024_pshepherd-24 seabirds1024_pshepherd-31 seabirds1024_pshepherd-36 seabirds1024_pshepherd-42 seabirds1024_pshepherd-43 seabirds1024_pshepherd-49


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