SIMGE On The Scene: Waiting On Mongo Hosts Second Annual Jingle Jam

Phil Shepherd December 26, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

The holiday weekend kicked off for for me with an overbook, and an offer to stay home. Naturally I accepted, and therein opened me up for a night at The Stone Pony to take in the Second Annual Jingle Jam. Four bands to get my groove on and celebrate the season. Good crowd filtered in throughout the evening, lots of free dancers getting weird. Not a night for banging, but lots of bumping going on nonetheless.

Downstream kicked us off right on time with a great set, followed by Dark City Strings. While I was watching DCS, I could not help but wonder how much improv they have in their set. More than you would think I imagine, at least more than I thought.  Normally you can tell by watching the eyes for cues.  And if you think piano players have fast and coordinated fingers, watch a banjo player pluck away. Amazing stuff.

Up and comers Fungkshui hit it up taking us into the seldom-heard world of fusion. Not enough of these bands around here, definitely like to see more of them and how they grow.

The headliners, and hosts of the night, Waiting On Mongo hit the stage with not much elbow room to spare down front. I already had parked myself in a position to grab most of the shots I needed. Once I got them off to the side to avoid the bumping and shaking going on. These guys are so tight and so powerful, and they throw a great party too!

Have a great holiday season. The choice selections from the evening:


Downstream1222_PShepherd-12 Downstream1222_PShepherd-23 Downstream1222_PShepherd-53 Downstream1222_PShepherd-61 Downstream1222_PShepherd-66 Downstream1222_PShepherd-81 Downstream1222_PShepherd-88 Downstream1222_PShepherd-92 Downstream1222_PShepherd-115 Downstream1222_PShepherd-131

Dark City Strings

DCS1222_PShepherd-7 DCS1222_PShepherd-10 DCS1222_PShepherd-19 DCS1222_PShepherd-33 DCS1222_PShepherd-62 DCS1222_PShepherd-64 DCS1222_PShepherd-77 DCS1222_PShepherd-80 DCS1222_PShepherd-83 DCS1222_PShepherd


Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-16 Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-28 Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-33 Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-35 Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-40 Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-59 Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-77 Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-81 Fungkshui1222_PShepherd-89

Waiting on Mongo

WOM1222_PShepherd-7 WOM1222_PShepherd-12 WOM1222_PShepherd-16 WOM1222_PShepherd-41 WOM1222_PShepherd-43 WOM1222_PShepherd-56 WOM1222_PShepherd-92 WOM1222_PShepherd-129 WOM1222_PShepherd-145 WOM1222_PShepherd

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