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SIMGE On The Scene: Jo Smith, The Vice Rags, Adam Bird and Yawn Mower played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd December 20, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Well, the last Happy Mondays of the year is in the books and now it is time for a winter break. There are some regulars who are a bit disappointed about the hiatus, but everyone understands. Fret not though, the initial return show is already being planned. Word also has it, there may be a few pop up Monday night shows going down in the interim. Stay tuned for that. I love Mondays.

We kicked off this weeks activities at the Wonder Bar with a visitor from Nashville, though Jo Smith is no stranger to these parts by any means as she comes through the area a few times a year.  Yes, she is a country singer, but she adds an R&B element to her sound and, oh my god what a voice. Swooning. Jo was solo with her acoustic for the night, so I had to go hit up You Tube to get a sense of what her band sounds like, Smoooooth. An odd little tidbit I found interesting, her accent comes though when she sings. There are only a couple of singers I know of that naturally emit this unique timbre. One of which built a large amusement park in the eastern portion of Tennessee.

I was wondering how the transition into the next band was going to go down. The Vice Rags turned it perfectly. NJ guys that have been around, but only have been together for a little while. Their self titled debut  EP, produced by Paul Ritchie, was released at the end of November. A little Jersey, A little Petty, and a lot of Rock-n-Roll.

Mr. Adam Bird came up next with a solo set, gave us a little bit of the old and the new, had some fun, and got us ready for the craziness from nights closer.

Yawn Mower performed at the welcome back edition of Happy Mondays in the Spring, so it was only fitting they were the ones that closed us out for the season. Taking liberty with a set full of their own custom arranged, seasonal carols the guys shared tons of holiday love with those of us that remained and sent us off with good tidings for the remainder of the week.

The choice selection from the evening:

Jo Smith

JoSmith1218_PShepherd-3 JoSmith1218_PShepherd-8 JoSmith1218_PShepherd-25 JoSmith1218_PShepherd-26 JoSmith1218_PShepherd-30 JoSmith1218_PShepherd-35

The Vice Rags

TheViceRags_PShepherd- TheViceRags_PShepherd-18 TheViceRags_PShepherd-23 TheViceRags_PShepherd-26 TheViceRags_PShepherd-27 TheViceRags_PShepherd-28 TheViceRags_PShepherd-31 TheViceRags_PShepherd-37 TheViceRags_PShepherd-41 TheViceRags_PShepherd-44

Adam Bird

aBird1218_PShepherd-7 aBird1218_PShepherd-11 aBird1218_PShepherd-16 aBird1218_PShepherd-18 aBird1218_PShepherd-23

Yawn Mower

YawnMower1218_PShepherd-8 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-17 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-21 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-31 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-51 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-56 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-70 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-75 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-82 YawnMower1218_PShepherd-93


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