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SIMGE On The Scene: Joseph West, Adam Bird, Brian Erickson & Bryan Hansen Band Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd April 18, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

Happy Mondays continues its welcome back April run with a show that featured four bands in its lineup. Looking back at the winter recess that was taken makes me realize how great these shows are and allows me too wonder why more people do not venture out on one of these nights. We were done by and packed up by 11:20, saying our goodbyes and good jobs, off to start the week. I was talking with Angie last week and we both came to the conclusion that Mondays are like a weekend night for us. I am normally doing an overnight shift on Friday or Saturday so for me, it just fits.

Joseph West opened up the night for us. He said he was on the tail end of being sick, you never would have noticed if he did not mention it. Dude is smooth as butter and his laid-back persona was a perfect start to the night.

a href=”http://www.abirdmusic.com” target=”_blank”>Adam Bird brought in a four-piece synth based bunch. I really like what he is doing and the style of song he is putting forward. Getting a new wave feel in, and he has such a perfect voice for it.

Brian Erickson took the stage with a new lineup and a new side project. Brian displayed his normal effortless vocals and there was one song where his electric guitar sound make me say Modern day Neil Young. We all know Brian loves his classics and I thought this was pretty cool whether he meant it or not. Rounding out the trio on Bass was Kevin Newcomb, who has become a photographic favorite for me, and drummer Pete Stern. They gave us all new material too! Next up they will be working on their social media profiles. You can find them at their respective other projects, The Paper Jets, Fun While You Wait and The Centennials.

Stopping by for their first ever Happy Mondays appearance, and closing out our night, was the R&B stylings of the Bryan Hansen Band. Add a little bass line funk and pocket perfection percussion (say that one five times fast) and you have a mighty nice sound going. Another fantastic start to the week to keep us all motivated.

Coming up next week is Bionic Monkey, Black The Sky and Roulette. Hope to see you there!

The choice selections from the evening:

Joseph West

JoeWest416_PShepherd-35 JoeWest416_PShepherd-7 JoeWest416_PShepherd-20 JoeWest416_PShepherd-37 JoeWest416_PShepherd-43

Adam Bird

ABird416_PShepherd-3 ABird416_PShepherd-14 ABird416_PShepherd-17 ABird416_PShepherd-20 ABird416_PShepherd-23 ABird416_PShepherd-30 ABird416_PShepherd-34 ABird416_PShepherd-38 ABird416_PShepherd-43

Brian Erickson

BrianE416_PShepherd-5 BrianE416_PShepherd-16 BrianE416_PShepherd-18 BrianE416_PShepherd-30 BrianE416_PShepherd-46 BrianE416_PShepherd-66 BrianE416_PShepherd-70 BrianE416_PShepherd-74 BrianE416_PShepherd-76

Brian Hansen Band

BryanHansen416_PShepherd-24 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-38 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-46 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-54 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-59 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-66 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-79 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-80 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-90 BryanHansen416_PShepherd-106

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