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SIMGE On The Scene: Lost in Society + Dollys CD Release Show w/ Gods, Kyle Trocolla & Derek Rossi

Phil Shepherd February 29, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The latest full length offering from Lost in Society, Modern Illusions, was celebrated in grand fashion in a hall that just may have received enough momentum to put on more shows. When the location was announced there were quite a few of us who were not quite sure what to expect on the second floor of the Asbury Park Convention center.

Sound? Emory Shell and the place would produce a cavernous echo, but fill it with people and things come to life.  Lights? Indeed, Madison Marquette and Asbury Audio did a fantastic job ensuring this event went down as one to remember.  

The place had enough room to mill about and save yourself from the bangers in the pit, a decent size bar and a view of the boardwalk. Can’t beat that. 

Lost in Society put in a ripping set, playing with such energy and abandon on stage to nearly topple over some amps and yes, the mosh pit did form.  I would say it was a great start for them as they head off on a month long tour in support of their latest offering. 

Dollys celebrated a new release of their own with Low Year, which is anything but. A collection of singles they released all together. I have said it before, and will continue to do so, this band makes you happy. You can not help but feel good when watching the enjoyment they all have playing together and for their fans.

A rare appearance from behind the kit occurred as Natalie did the vocal stand up when Romp drummer Mike Linardi sat in for “Suffragette City.” Be sure and check out both new offerings, in no particular order. 

The night also featured the heavy sounds of Gods and acoustic openings from Derek Rossi, down from Boston, of OC45 and Kyle Trocolla from Connecticut. This was really cool, looking forward to more events here. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Derek Rossi

DerekRossi226_PShepherd-2 DerekRossi226_PShepherd-6 DerekRossi226_PShepherd-7 DerekRossi226_PShepherd-10 DerekRossi226_PShepherd-11

Kyle Trocolla

KyleTrocolla226_PShepherd-8 KyleTrocolla226_PShepherd-13 KyleTrocolla226_PShepherd-15 KyleTrocolla226_PShepherd-20 KyleTrocolla226_PShepherd-24


Gods226_PShepherd-2 Gods226_PShepherd-4 Gods226_PShepherd-9 Gods226_PShepherd-14 Gods226_PShepherd-21 Gods226_PShepherd-30 Gods226_PShepherd-43 Gods226_PShepherd-56 Gods226_PShepherd-72 Gods226_PShepherd-78


Dollys226_PShepherd-8 Dollys226_PShepherd-11 Dollys226_PShepherd-19 Dollys226_PShepherd-22 Dollys226_PShepherd-27 Dollys226_PShepherd-31 Dollys226_PShepherd-49 Dollys226_PShepherd-69 Dollys226_PShepherd-71 Dollys226_PShepherd-88

Lost in Society

LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-6 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-16 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-17 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-29 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-31 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-49 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-56 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-62 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-75 LostinScoiety226_PShepherd-82

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