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SIMGE On The Scene: Lowlight Video Release Party w/ Canyon Ride, FERN, Phoebe Nix & More At The Saint

Phil Shepherd September 25, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The Saint hosted the premiere of Lowlight’s new video for their song Bones. The event, put together and organized by Matt Fernicola, included a full night of song, six bands all together, and concluded well after midnight. 

The night kicked off with an acoustic set by weary traveler Justin Franco, who did an outstanding job after being in a car for 12 hours during the day. Foes of Fern, Matt’s new project, came up next and and had quite the party going on stage. The base configuration of four musicians doubled in size with various guest appearances including members of Airacuda, Avery Mandeville and Ashley McKinley.

Just before the video, The Mercury Brothers took the stage for a set, then after the change over we were blessed with Lowlight’s latest masterpiece from Andy Bond, a creative director that was given full freedom to let loose the vision he had for Bones. Filmed primarily at The Saint, It revealed a story within the song that I for one, could never fathom. The beauty of an artistic and creative mind. Of course Lowlight gave us a short set after the showing to keep those juices flowing. 

Coming in from Philly, Canyon Ride took it from there and we closed out with Phoebe Nix. The world needs more Phoebe Nix. I will let you take it from there.

A few choice selections from the evening: 

Justin Franco

justinfranco923_pshepherd-2 justinfranco923_pshepherd-12 justinfranco923_pshepherd-16

Foes of Fern

foesoffern923_pshepherd-20 foesoffern923_pshepherd-21 foesoffern923_pshepherd-52 foesoffern923_pshepherd-55 foesoffern923_pshepherd-75 foesoffern923_pshepherd-92 foesoffern923_pshepherd-101

The Mercury Brothers

mercurybrothers923_pshepherd-2 mercurybrothers923_pshepherd-3 mercurybrothers923_pshepherd-8 mercurybrothers923_pshepherd-25 mercurybrothers923_pshepherd-26 mercurybrothers923_pshepherd-42 mercurybrothers923_pshepherd-51


lowlight923_pshepherd-21 lowlight923_pshepherd-40 lowlight923_pshepherd-47 lowlight923_pshepherd-49 lowlight923_pshepherd-71 lowlight923_pshepherd-83 lowlight923_pshepherd-92

Canyon Ride

canyonride923_pshepherd-4 canyonride923_pshepherd-26 canyonride923_pshepherd-45 canyonride923_pshepherd-49 canyonride923_pshepherd-62 canyonride923_pshepherd-92 canyonride923_pshepherd-126

Phoebe Nix

phoebenix923_pshepherd-27 phoebenix923_pshepherd-38 phoebenix923_pshepherd-46 phoebenix923_pshepherd-53 phoebenix923_pshepherd-55 phoebenix923_pshepherd-58 phoebenix923_pshepherd-72


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