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SIMGE On The Scene: Luke Elliot, The Paper Jets, Fun While You Wait and Georgia Owen played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd October 25, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments
When we were first contacted about covering Luke Elliot I knew immediately it was going to be a great night. Whenever we get a touring band through town on a Happy Monday, the stars align and all is right in the world. And true to form it was. Stopping by in support of “Dressed for the Occasion”, the New Jersey native turned European sensation let it all hang out in his old stomping grounds. The album hit the US in August but has been out in Europe since last year enjoying some great reviews in the process. Bringing along his band from Norway, the crooner gave us a different kind of Americana fare than we are used to around here. The five-piece band retained the peacefulness, but added a tinge of grunge and grit to the mix making me think old style, urban folk. I would be remiss if I did not mention that a few times while looking through the lens, I though I was shooting John Mayer. That was just a bit freaky. Luke is head back to Europe to make a few more stops but I have a feeling he will be back soon, be sure and check him out.
The night opened with a band I personally do not see enough of. The Paper Jets always bring an unfettered aura to the stage. It is pure, beautifully non-pretentious and great to watch, but close your eyes so you can feel them through your bones. They will not stay closed for long though because you will want to see what they are doing and the expressions they make.  I need to make a point of seeing them more.
Making a special appearance, Georgia Owen gave us three songs as a warm up to Luke Elliot. So, I still am a bit sheltered at times and am not familiar with all the acts around town. This is OK with me because I like to be surprised when there is talent I have not seen. Holy Mackerel. Georgia is still quite young, but she has some style going and a gorgeous voice. No doubt she will have more good things coming her way.
Capping off the night, Fun While You Wait sent us all packing and we were happy and ready for the week to come.
The choice selections from the evening:
The Paper Jets
PaperJets1023_PShepherd-11 PaperJets1023_PShepherd-27 PaperJets1023_PShepherd-33 PaperJets1023_PShepherd-39 PaperJets1023_PShepherd-44 PaperJets1023_PShepherd-55 PaperJets1023_PShepherd-71 PaperJets1023_PShepherd-87 PaperJets1023_PShepherd-89
Georgia Owen
GeorgiaOwen1023_PShepherd-2 GeorgiaOwen1023_PShepherd-3 GeorgiaOwen1023_PShepherd-4 GeorgiaOwen1023_PShepherd-9 GeorgiaOwen1023_PShepherd-12 GeorgiaOwen1023_PShepherd-13 GeorgiaOwen1023_PShepherd-19
Luke Elliot
LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-17 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-24 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-38 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-48 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-57 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-58 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-68 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-70 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-76 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-78 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-81 LukeElliot1023_PShepherd-87
Fun While You Wait
FunWait1023_PShepherd-8 FunWait1023_PShepherd-11 FunWait1023_PShepherd-13 FunWait1023_PShepherd-20 FunWait1023_PShepherd-24 FunWait1023_PShepherd-28 FunWait1023_PShepherd-35


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