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SIMGE On The Scene: MACK, Pioneer the Eel and Levy & The Oaks played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd May 17, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Just what the doctor ordered for this episode of Happy Mondays, a perfect calm before the rager that is to go down next week. A little smooth, feel good music to start the week was a great elixir for me as the day job has taken its toll this month. 

Mackenzie Brown opened up with a sweet acoustic set. Beautifully soft, so good. Blaise joined in for a tune to add to the fun. Keep June 10th open as MACK will have their EP release party at the Yacht Club.

Pioneer the Eel came down from Bloomfield and shared their sounds. A really cool mix of Indie, tribal psychedelia that made me feel like I was hanging in the Village on a summer night. Good stuff for sure. 

Closing out the night, Levy and the Oaks had a bit of an unexpected surprise during their set. The second song to be specific. It is not everyday you see a bass player break his low E string. It gave the guys a good chuckle and they carried on like the pros they are. If you did not know it, you may have never pinned it out.  I have come to really like this quartet and I keep forgetting that they have only been together for a year. They will be hosting their own EP release show May 25th at Langosta Lounge. 

Next weeks line up features The Black Clouds, Deaf Rhino and Tango Machina. Don’t forget your ear plugs! 

The choice selections from the evening:


Mack515_pshepherd-7 Mack515_pshepherd-8 Mack515_pshepherd-12 Mack515_pshepherd-13 Mack515_pshepherd-16 Mack515_pshepherd-20 Mack515_pshepherd-24 Mack515_pshepherd-28

Pioneer the Eel

PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-6 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-16 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-17 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-20 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-23 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-42 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-45 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-55 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-60 PioneertheEel515_pshepherd-64

Levy and the Oaks   

LevyOaks515_pshepherd-6 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-17 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-21 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-33 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-37 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-40 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-45 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-59 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-63 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-75 LevyOaks515_pshepherd-84

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