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SIMGE On The Scene: Modern Crowds, New Politicians, Mercury Brothers & The Gray Played The Saint

Phil Shepherd July 30, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Took a trip over to The Saint the other night to get in some new music and an album release party. It was another sold out show with predominantly friends and families in attendance, which was beat for the closing band, but fantastic for the other three bands on the bill. This night was all for indie rock outfit, Modern Crowds, who dropped their self-titled album July 28th. I had the pleasure of seeing them earlier in the year and between then and now they have honed their sound to become a very tight and well-oiled outfit. Initial thoughts on the release have been overwhelmingly positive from every outlet. The album features a nice mix of acoustic and harder edged tracks and displays some great versatility in styles and rhythms. Check it out on their bandcamp page and let the guys know what you think. 

I finally got to get in a whole set from Mercury Brothers. The last three times they were on a bill I attended they were always the last to go on and every time the shows were running way behind and I had to cut out. Great seeing them again. 

The Gray (side project for a couple MC guys) and New Politicians rounded out the night.  The majority of the crowd departed after the Modern Crowds set and missed a great show from New Politicians. They recently released an EP of their own that you can check out as well. Hopefully, we can get them back down here soon. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Mercury Brothers

MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-3 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-8 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-10 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-18 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-26 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-32 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-43 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-48 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-53 MercuryBrothers728_PShepherd-66

The Gray

TheGrey728_PShepherd-10 TheGrey728_PShepherd-17 TheGrey728_PShepherd-22 TheGrey728_PShepherd-32 TheGrey728_PShepherd-37 TheGrey728_PShepherd-50 TheGrey728_PShepherd-60

Modern Crowds

ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-6 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-8 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-33 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-45 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-52 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-62 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-71 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-72 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-76 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-85 ModernCrowds728_PShepherd-86

New Politicians

NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-5 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-8 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-10 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-15 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-19 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-24 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-27 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-33 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-42 NewPoliticians728_PShepherd-48

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