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SIMGE On The Scene: Modern Television, Prehistoric Forest and Lou Montesano played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd November 21, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Happy Thanksgiving! This weeks Happy Mondays was certainly a show to be thankful for, but really, when it comes right down to it, they all are. The constant stream flowing through the town is steady as she goes. It has been a great month for Monday night music as we have seen numerous touring acts and local favorites grace the stage.

This week started off with Lou Montesano, the front man of The Morgan Freemasons. I really dig listening to Lou, he has such a great voice. After popping off a couple of solo numbers he brought some old friends up on stage to jam with him. The likes of Ben Feld, Matt King, Michael Scotto and Keith McCarthy joined Lou for a few songs and even managed to begin the xmas jingle shenanigans, officially welcoming the holiday season in. Lou will be in full band mode tonight at The Stone Pony.

I am exercising some inner demons with this new alternative radio station being advertised. Bubble gum pop is more like it. I had my hopes up and then they crashed, hard.  And then, Modern Television joined the Happy Mondays lineup and restored my Faith. The duo is well set in the NJ music scene and they have decided to branch out a bit and give us something a little different. This is how I remember the early days of alternative and I was one happy guy watching their set. As a photo type I thrive on emotion, but the emotions I look for in music photography are a bit different than those I seek in portrait work. These guys had the emotion and passion for what they do locked in my musical wheelhouse and bring a fresh perspective to our scene. Thoroughly enjoyed their set.  Now, to get them and Daughter Vision on the same bill. Party! You can find more Modern Television on Spotify, featuring their late June release.

Closing out the night Prehistoric Forest put in what seemed like a really quick set. Switching out lenses I was getting set for my last round of shots and they were done. Looking at the time though, I realized I was just watching and listening, so I may have left a couple of shots out there, but I felt good about it.

Going to get some heavy in next week with Dirty, Roulette and After the Burn.

The choice selections for the evening:

Lou Montesano and Friends

LouMontesano_PShepherd-6 LouMontesano_PShepherd-14 LouMontesano_PShepherd-18 LouMontesano_PShepherd-29 LouMontesano_PShepherd-31 LouMontesano_PShepherd-34 LouMontesano_PShepherd-43 LouMontesano_PShepherd-50 LouMontesano_PShepherd-51 LouMontesano_PShepherd-55

Modern Television

ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-15 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-19 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-29 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-39 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-42 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-49 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-54 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-64 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-66 ModerTelevision1120_PShepherd-74

Prehistoric Forest

PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-7 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-18 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-26 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-30 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-33 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-42 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-46 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-48 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-67 PrehistoricForest1120_PShepherd-74

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