SIMGE On The Scene: Mr. Marsh, Earth Telephone & Latewaves Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd July 25, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

After missing a month of music, I think I am ready to get back on track here. Dance season is done, which means no more traveling, which means more energy to invest in song. Going to get a couple of the projects I have on the burner going, and resume normal Monday evening activities. Official Summer is already half done, but I am so looking forward to Local Summer.

This weeks Happy Mondays kicked off with Mr. Marsh Music. Who the heck is that you ask? Of course I did too. Nick Cucci opened us up doing the solo thing. Guitar- Check. Mac – Check. Nick was trying out some new material and it was really cool. I though it had a bit of an 80’s new wave sound to it, but we will have to wait and see to what it evolves into. Not gonna lie, I wanted to step and and jam with him.

Earth Telephone hit us up next. The somewhat newly minted Philly Residents hit a spot for me that I have been searching a while for and I was actually surprised at this because I have seen them before. They did break out some new tunes which may have been the trigger for me, so thanks guys!

We closed out the festivities with more high energy sounds from Latewaves. Big congratulations to this local trio for putting in a set at the last ever Holmdel stop of The Warped Tour.< The Choice Selections from the evening: Mister Marsh Music

MrMarsh723_PShepherd-4 MrMarsh723_PShepherd-7 MrMarsh723_PShepherd-12 MrMarsh723_PShepherd-20 MrMarsh723_PShepherd-21 MrMarsh723_PShepherd-23
Earth Telephone
EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-9 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-15 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-18 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-30 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-50 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-53 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-61 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-63 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-74 EarthTelephone723_PShepherd-78
Latewaves723_PShepherd-20 Latewaves723_PShepherd-25 Latewaves723_PShepherd-35 Latewaves723_PShepherd-45 Latewaves723_PShepherd-46 Latewaves723_PShepherd-48 Latewaves723_PShepherd-55 Latewaves723_PShepherd-65 Latewaves723_PShepherd-71 Latewaves723_PShepherd-83 Latewaves723_PShepherd


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