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SIMGE On The Scene: Owel, Gatherers and Bent Knee played The Saint

Phil Shepherd June 8, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

I have been on the prowl to see Owel for a while now. I first caught them at Pinelands Festival a couple of years ago and got hooked on the lull you into a peaceful bliss, crescendo into a massive frenzy atmosphere they create. Mother nature canceled one of the shows in the area and I missed the other time they were around. Or maybe that was mom nature being spastic as well. Do not remember. It was great catching them again, they are the reason I took the midweek jaunt up to Asbury, what I got in return was much more than I had expected.

It seems like each band had their own light show going on. To the naked eye it was great, to the cameras eye it was dark, dark, dark. So I had to do something I abhor doing, and have not had to do in a while. I ended up breaking out the flash for Gatherers set. Came out with some decent stuff, felt very conscientious about the people surrounding me, and there were a whole bunch of them. Things got tight real quick as soon as the north Jersey five piece hit the stage.

Fresh off the June first release of their latest full length offering, these guys are taking the next six weeks and touring across the country. They will be back in the area on July 21st, for a show at The Amityville Music Hall.

Teaming up on that same tour is Bent Knee. Hailing from Boston, this group is fun. Eccentric grooves galore here. I was jamming on them all morning the day of the show and they totally distracted me from getting anything done at work. Pity, eh? They seemed a bit surprised towards the amazing reception they were getting from the packed in crowd, modest for sure. Take a little Zappa attitude and swirl in some jam band mentality and this recipe makes for some fine sounding music. I always like reading about what classifications bands are put in and on one site I saw a description of Baroque Pop. While I am not sure what that means, it sounds cool but a bit old fashioned. This bunch was not old fashion by any stretch of the imagination. Modern avante garde is much more appropriate here. If you are up for a road trip, get on up to Amityville on July 21st for the last day of the tour.

It was a little late, and I had to get up for work the next morning so I did not hang around for Bone and Marrow closing it out. Glad I just saw them a couple of months ago. Apologies to Daimon and Jenn, catch you down the road .

The choice selections form the evening:


Owel_PShepherd-7 Owel_PShepherd-24 Owel_PShepherd-33 Owel_PShepherd-43 Owel_PShepherd-46 Owel_PShepherd-53 Owel_PShepherd-63 Owel_PShepherd-81 Owel_PShepherd-91 Owel_PShepherd-94
Gatherers_PShepherd-26 Gatherers_PShepherd-31 Gatherers_PShepherd-35 Gatherers_PShepherd-41 Gatherers_PShepherd-47 Gatherers_PShepherd-49 Gatherers_PShepherd-50 Gatherers_PShepherd-53 Gatherers_PShepherd-55 Gatherers_PShepherd-56
Bent Knee
BentKneee_PShepherd-21 BentKneee_PShepherd-50 BentKneee_PShepherd-53 BentKneee_PShepherd-57 BentKneee_PShepherd-59 BentKneee_PShepherd-95 BentKneee_PShepherd-100 BentKneee_PShepherd-106 BentKneee_PShepherd-107

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