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SIMGE On The Scene: Sunshine Spazz, blindspot and Wicked Hollow played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd May 9, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments
Walking into Asbury’s Wonder Bar for my preshow beverage, I was quite surprised at all the people already hanging out. I inquired if there were residual leftovers from some earlier gathering, but it turns out they were all there for the nights festivities. How sweet that was to hear. The crowd normally arrives around 9, but seeing everyone there first thing created quite the party atmosphere.
The band responsible for many of the crowd were openers Sunshine Spazz. Personally I am not too familiar with the Ocean County based trio, but I do not think it will stay that way for long. They have been gigging pretty steady around the area rocking the Indie Surf sound. What can I say, a sheltered boy I am. I thought it was pretty cool that the drummer brothers got to bookend the show.
The highlight of my night was getting to see Boston based trio, blindspot. I loved everything about their set. Attitude, Energy, Presence and Passion. I have been wanting to see a particular NYC, female fronted trio lately because of those three traits, but they are not gigging too much lately. blindspot hit all the right notes with me and fulfilled the need to take in raw emotion. Since they list this band as one of their influences I think I am safe to say this – blindspot is everything I had hoped Paramore would grow up to be and more. Polished but a little punk, with a hint of U2 thrown in. One interesting side note I thought was really cool, the band scheduled their tour around this Happy Mondays. They are on their way home after three weeks on the road on the road, let us hope they come back soon.
So the nights closing act, one of my favorite bands in the area. Wicked Hollow. If you follow any of my adventures you may have heard me say that before. It has been a while since I have seen them and the biggest thing I took out of their set is maturity. They have developed quite a cohesive understanding of each other and continue to feed off their influences from the outside and from within. Drummer Andrew Lawler has become a beast behind the set. Great night of music, great to see so many people out.
Up next week, The BarrBarians, Tight Lipped and Tango Machina.
The Choice selections from the evening:
Sunshine Spazz
SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-4 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-6 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-21 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-28 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-36 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-43 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-48 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-56 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-65 SunshineSpazz57_PShepherd-76
BlindSpot57_PShepherd-3 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-23 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-32 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-89 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-94 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-95 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-123 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-164 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-169 BlindSpot57_PShepherd-199
Wicked Hollow
WickedHollow57_PShepherd-5 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-12 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-22 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-35 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-46 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-74 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-80 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-89 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-137 WickedHollow57_PShepherd-143


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