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SIMGE On The Scene: Surfer Blood ++ Turbo Fruits Erupted At The Saint

Chris Rotolo May 18, 2015 Live, Reviews No Comments

Surfer Blood @ The Saint (Photo: C. Rotolo)

Palm Beach, Florida indie-pop purveyors Surfer Blood returned Asbury Park on Friday, May 15 as part of the outfit’s U.S. Tour in support of its latest long form collection 1000 Palms, and treated The Saint’s enthusiastic patronage to a set of selections spanning the band’s catalogue, including an uproarious rendition “Swim” from the group’s debut LP Astro Coast, as well as its lauded 2011 single “Miranda”, and such highlights from its 2015 LP as “Grand Inquisitor”, “Island”, and “Covered Wagons”.

Despite the wave of jubilation that careened from the monitors and broke over The Saintly assemblage, looming above the performance was an air of concern for the health and hopeful recovery of ailing Surfer Blood axe wielder Thomas Fekete, who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and launched a Go Fund Me in hopes of raising money to pay down the mounting medical bills…Please donate here.

Playing in Fakete’s stead was fellow Floridian and indie-rocker Mikey McCleary, and the former frontman of the recently defunct Bear in Mind filled in admirably for the majority of the set, save for a guest performance on “Floating Vibes” by Turbo Fruits’ own Jonas Stein.


Turbo Fruits @ The Saint (Photo: C. Rotolo)

Stein and the Turbo Fruits prefaced the headlining set with its brand of Patrick Carney-approved pop-rock, an amalgamation of sweltering Weezer-esque riffing, aggressive vocal hooks, and an abrasive delivery shared by fellow Nashville exports Diarrhea Planet, PUJOL, and JEFF The Brotherhood.

The tunes offered by Turbo Fruits – especially those found on the group’s 2015 full-length No Control - are meant to incite movement in the pit, if not a riot, but to no avail with this Asbury audience…so the group took the show to a more personal level, mixing it up amongst the masses for its 2009 breakout singles “Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain” and “Broadzilla”.

Stream a pair of new Turbo Fruits singles, and check out photos from them and Surfer Blood below.

Surfer Blood

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Turbo Fruits

IMG_9659 IMG_9658 IMG_9647 IMG_9641 IMG_9639 IMG_9629 IMG_9627 IMG_9614 IMG_9602 IMG_9581

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