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SIMGE On The Scene: Tango Machina, The Black Clouds & Deaf Rhino Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd May 24, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

This weeks Happy Mondays was just what the doctor ordered. An aggressive, in your face slug fest from a genre that has become a forgotten second fiddle to many of the musical stylings that grace much of our area. When the big boys play though, the people always come so I think I am not alone in my lust for good, straight ahead hard core rock-n-roll. 

Warming us up for the evening was Tango Machina. A steady, Central Jersey trio with sounds of the underground. A little dark, a little moody and a whole lot of oomph. 

Things got a little crazy from there as The Black Clouds hit the stage. Certainly a favorite, always in your face and telling it like it is. I was talking to Dan prior to their set about his new project and he hinted that it is even heavier than the current. Not sure how that is possible, but oh how I look forward to checking it out. Caught some really cool red light during their set that did not need B/W conversion. Red back, yellow front any day. 

Adding some melody to the mix, but just as hard and heavy, Deaf Rhino is back in play.  The quartet has gotten out of the studio and are ready to bring it on for the summer. Look for a new video from the guys within the next few weeks. I hear it is going to be amazing. 

On tap for Memorial day, Des and the Swagmatics, Tash Even & Kyle and Secret Sound get started at 8:30.

The choice selections from the evening:

Tango Machina 

TangoMachina522_PShepherd-5 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-8 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-16 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-21 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-29 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-38 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-40 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-42 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-44 TangoMachina522_PShepherd-46

The Black Clouds

BlackClouds522_PShepherd-21 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-23 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-29 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-32 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-33 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-37 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-51 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-63 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-72 BlackClouds522_PShepherd-78

Deaf Rhino

DeafRhino522_PShepherd-14 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-22 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-31 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-46 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-66 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-81 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-91 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-100 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-111 DeafRhino522_PShepherd-114

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