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SIMGE On The Scene: The Cryptkeeper Five, The Carousers & Meeko Brando played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd September 13, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Local summer is here! I do not know where the other summer went, but free parking has returned so I am very thankful for that.  This weeks Happy Mondays was bookended with a Trenton invasion and an act from Long Branch.

The Cryptkeeper Five is one of those bands you can not help but love. Old school punks busting out the rock n roll flare. Starting off our night with some high energy stomping certainly had the mouth watering for what the rest of the evening had in store. Their most current album was released on August 26th.
Long Branch is a town where I have not heard much music from, so I am glad to see The Carousers calling it their home base right now. Just a year old, they list The Vansaders as one of their influences. Bonus points there. The young trio impressed, though what stood out to me the most was the drummer, Andy Jackle. Dude was aggressive and powerful but when you watched him he was so relaxed and so smooth. I was doing double takes during their set just to make sure the energy coming out of the speakers was what I was seeing. Good stuff.  They have an EP release show coming up on September 30. Check out their Facebook page for more info.
Closing out the night was our second Trenton act, Meeko Brando. Having a more alternative feel to them, it appears they have a great sense of humor. Anyway, check out their bio and you will understand. Loved the arrangements and musicianship coming out of them. They are currently featured on the WRAT video of the week.
We were all done by 11:11. Plenty of time to get a full nights rest before the work thing hit in the morning. On tap for next week is MiZ, Banditos and Animal Masks. See ya there!
The Choice selections from the evening:
The Cryptkeeper Five
TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-2 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-4 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-7 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-9 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-13 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-24 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-39 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-51 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-56 TheCryptkeeper5911_PShepherd-66
The Carousers
TheCarousers911_PShepherd-6 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-13 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-15 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-17 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-25 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-31 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-36 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-41 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-42 TheCarousers911_PShepherd-54
Meeko Brando
MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-2 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-9 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-10 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-11 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-15 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-21 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-24 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-30 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-32 MeekoBrando911_PShepherd-45

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