SIMGE On The Scene: The Tide Bends, Lyons and Levy & The Oaks Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd October 11, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

We had a very neighborly affair this week at Happy Mondays, three of the local favorites stopped by to grace the Wonder Bar stage bringing with them many familiar faces to enjoy the show.

The Tide Bends started our night off. Enhancing the haze and daze of the evening, the Neptune based trio has been together for a little over a year developing their psychedelic sounds through a few festivals and large, local shows.  One of their tunes – Thrust – recently appeared in the surf movie “Ripple”.

The melodies of Lyons came up next. They are getting more aggressive the more comfortable they get with each other. The dreaminess is still there but there most certainly is an edge now and it sounds great.

Levy & the Oaks closed out the night for us. I must admit that this is one of my favorite bands to take in. The harmonies are killer, accent notes in perfect places, bass and drums tight, tight, tight, and energy for days. Speaking of drums, this was the first time I have seen them since this guy with the short hair appeared, who is he? He has a very similar style and the exact moves as the long haired dude did…Looks very good by the way!

The thing about a Happy Mondays is that most of the time when you miss a gig at a different location, the band will always come around and share their love on this night.  No matter how much I stress about not getting to a show during the week, I can always be thankful for a Happy Monday to keep me going.

The choice selections from the evening:

The Tide Bends

TheTidebends109_PShepherd-62 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-67 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-3 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-5 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-13 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-14 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-28 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-38 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-47 TheTidebends109_PShepherd-57


Lyons109_PShepherd-36 Lyons109_PShepherd-40 Lyons109_PShepherd-59 Lyons109_PShepherd-64 Lyons109_PShepherd-68 Lyons109_PShepherd-78 Lyons109_PShepherd-89 Lyons109_PShepherd Lyons109_PShepherd-26 Lyons109_PShepherd-27

Levy & the Oaks

LevyOaks109_PShepherd-32 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-58 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-61 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-64 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-73 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-78 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-100 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-105 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-3 LevyOaks109_PShepherd-10

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