SIMGE On The Scene: The Wrecks, Badflower, Deal Casino & The Stolen at The Foundry

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I ventured out to Philadelphia for a little Tuesday night show at The Foundry, a very nice room within The Fillmore. The weekday jaunt was nothing new for me and Philly, for me, is much easier to get to than NYC, same distance, just an easier ride. I tried my best to bust out of my shift on Saturday night so I could hit up the local stop but no dice. I was due for a mini road trip anyway. When it comes to those trips there is usually one band, historically, that is on the bill. Groupie that I am.

This night there were two. Before I get to the two, lets start with the one because it contains many emotions for me, some of which I am hesitant to say, but will say  anyway. I have lost count of how much material our local favorites Deal Casino have given us, I just know that each time they release new music it grows in depth from the last. I have always wanted them to get the hell out of town and spread their song, hoping that they could and would experience the road, play in different cities, gathering bits of each one in their memory. You just know something will come out in the future influencing sound or song. And it will be great as always. I was incredibly excited for them when it was announced, and super proud of them when they embarked upon their journey. (there I said it, proud). And now, the bug has bitten.

Anyway, Im really happy they hooked up with The Wrecks and from the reactions I’ve seen the tour has been a great success. There is one show left in our area, and if it is not already sold out, it is about to be. Saturday Night at Asbury Lanes. I can’t go, so go for me. I was wondering how the new DC material would translate live. It is a bit mellower and sadder than previous offerings. I should not have been worried, the translation is incredible.

Headliners, The Wrecks, are based in LA, but a couple of them have NJ roots. They sold out The Saint last year and their success has been well noted from the industry. Their story is pretty wild in itself, but I will let you google that one. They are high energy fun and as soon as they stop touring and gaining fans they will be hunkered down in the studio tracking all the new and unreleased material they have been working on.  Liar, Liar remains a steady on my play list.

The bonus for me was tour mates Badflower.  An LA based band as well, hard and heavy blues rock. Tons of passion and emotion, aggressive with deft softness. Right up my alley. I have been jamming on them since Tuesday, a new fan I am and some new music added to the playlist.  Joining the trio for a few stops and opening up the night  was NJ Based act The Stolen. I did not get a chance to catch up with the AltPop Rockers, but they are already quite successful themselves even at a young age. Gonna be doing some more research on them and seeing where they go.

So, hit up The Lanes for this show, if there are any tickets left…

The choice selections from the evening:

The Stolen

TheStolen1127_PShepherd-4 TheStolen1127_PShepherd-15 TheStolen1127_PShepherd-22 TheStolen1127_PShepherd-30 TheStolen1127_PShepherd-31 TheStolen1127_PShepherd-43 TheStolen1127_PShepherd-53 TheStolen1127_PShepherd-63 TheStolen1127_PShepherd

Deal Casino

DealCasino1127_PShepherd-4 DealCasino1127_PShepherd-10 DealCasino1127_PShepherd-51 DealCasino1127_PShepherd-60 DealCasino1127_PShepherd-72 DealCasino1127_PShepherd-78 DealCasino1127_PShepherd-120 DealCasino1127_PShepherd-141


BadFlower1127_PShepherd-18 BadFlower1127_PShepherd-26 BadFlower1127_PShepherd-30 BadFlower1127_PShepherd-31 BadFlower1127_PShepherd-41 BadFlower1127_PShepherd-45 BadFlower1127_PShepherd-71 BadFlower1127_PShepherd-78 BadFlower1127_PShepherd-80

The Wrecks

TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-73 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-83 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-99 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-108 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-144 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-170 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-186 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-232 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-268 TheWrecks1127_PShepherd-306

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