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SIMGE On The Scene: The Wrecks Headlined Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory

Phil Shepherd November 20, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The MDD effect. Motivation, Determination and Dedication. Three traits every new band must have when taking on the industry that is music. The gods were shining upon The Wrecks when they came together in LA 12 months ago and began creating what has become one of the most listenable tracks of this year. With over two million hits, Favorite Liar, is burning up the Spotify playlists and has lodged itself firmly in the top ten on Sirius Alt XM most listened to tracks. 

Backed by that and two additional songs on their self-released EP this past spring entitled, We are the Wrecks, the quintet landed themselves on lengthy US tours with Nothing But Thieves, traversing the country from May through November. While I missed their initial stops in our area in October, I made sure that I got to their most recent show this past Friday at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. This was their headlining bill, no more support act here, and it was incredible. Drawing a crowd that spanned multiple generations, The Wrecks came out with tremendous energy and were paid back with great adoration from their fans. Their style is centered around alternative indie pop, and with a rock base and a tinge of punk added in, the appeal becomes captivating. With arrangements that produce very catchy and extremely likable melodies, I would expect that we will be hearing them on mainstream radio very soon.   

The guys do have roots in New Jersey, and after a two-week jaunt through the midwest, they will be coming back to play some local shows for their friends, families and the many fans they have developed in a short span of time. The dates are still being worked out so stay tuned for more, in the meantime check out the choice selections from the show:

 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-19 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-23 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-28 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-29 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-32 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-36 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-39 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-45 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-60 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-73 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-87 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-102 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-122 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-140 thewrecks1118_pshepherd-145

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