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SIMGE On The Scene: The Wrecks & Wicked Hollow Played To A Sold Out Saint

Phil Shepherd December 17, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

It was a wild Wednesday on Main Street. Making a very special New Jersey appearance, national touring artists The Wrecks headlined a sold out show at The Saint. The LA-based group does have NJ roots among them so this was their own home for the holidays show. Aside from a small break, the quintet has been on the road since May, hitting all parts of the country and building a very large and enthusiastic following. We will get to know a bit more about them in the coming weeks, they were kind enough to fill out a SIMGE getting to know you survey. But for now, the show. 

It has been a long, long time since I have arrived at The Saint and found a line half way around the building. I am normally there right when doors open, so right then and there I knew we were in for a treat. The place filled up fast and before you knew it we were sardines and the 20-degree weather outside was an distant afterthought. Opening up the party were old friends of the band, Wicked Hollow. Many of you may know I really like these guys so this bill for me was a thing of beauty. Wicked Hollow torched their set as is their norm, and we were all energized for The Wrecks to hit the stage. 

I saw The Wrecks a few weeks ago up at the Knitting Factory before they went back on the road, so I became a little familiar with the set. They have just three songs published but I am fairly certain that will be changing in the first half of 2017. During all the travel time writing and experimenting with new songs have been a constant. The live show has some amazing energy in it and the group creates an abundance of happiness and is loads of fun. Yeah, that may sound corny, but you get such a good feeling from these guys, it is very infectious. All the tunes are upbeat but still retain that aggressiveness that really gets you going. The second time around for me I was noticing a ton of intricate guitar work, great interplay between the Jersey boys Nick Schmidt and Harrison Nussbaum. The other Jersey connection is drummer Billy Nally, and together with bassist Aaron Kelley, they hold it all steady. The front man is Nick Anderson. Dude has such a great inflection and timbre in his voice I can see why the stage hangers hover towards him. 

Have to add, to fill out my day of W’s and to cap the night off in a most perfect way, 90.5 had a block of The Waterboys playing for the ride home. Sweet Hallelujah.

Best of luck and continued success for this crew, great to see local guys hitting on all cylinders and taking the country by storm. 

The choice selections from the evening:

Wicked Hollow

wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-10 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-16 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-30 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-43 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-50 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-56 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-57 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-92 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-95 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-116 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd-128 wickedhollow1214_pshepherd

The Wrecks

thewrecks1214_pshepherd-33 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-42 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-49 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-62 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-69 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-78 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-83 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-89 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-94 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-129 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-136 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-149 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-158 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-209 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-224 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-304 thewrecks1214_pshepherd-311

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