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SIMGE On The Scene: The Yawpers, Little Vicious and Honah Lee played The Saint

Phil Shepherd October 8, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

Rowdy Hillbilly Space Rock is what I thought of when I was watching and intently listening to The Yawpers last Thursday night a The Saint. The Colorado trio shared with us a very eclectic brand of roots rock filled with all sorts of directional, soul drenched compositions. On a U.S. tour in support of their August release – Boy in a Well – their influences were heavy with old school sounds that were all souped up and presented with energy and passion that has been developed over their long tenure together as a unit. I was sent back to one of my favorite sounds of old when they were jamming, slide heavy on the acoustics, and when they include a killer traditional grip drum solo within a ten minute arrangement that went everywhere, well, next time they come around make sure they are on your must see list. They are already on mine. Feel good, feel fine.

I was wondering how this bill would square out when I was doing my pre-listen of The Yawpers. Trenton punk rockers, Honah Lee opened up the night for us with a great set. Little Vicious came in as a three piece with the new addition of a bass player filling out their sound. Still raw, still raunchy, still as good as ever. Jolly Daggers closed out the night and of course as the title entails, I could not hang to catch their 11:35 start time.
After seeing them all together, it totally makes sense. The choice selections from the evening:
Honah Lee
HonahLee105_PShepherd-11 HonahLee105_PShepherd-19 HonahLee105_PShepherd-22 HonahLee105_PShepherd-28 HonahLee105_PShepherd-32 HonahLee105_PShepherd-38 HonahLee105_PShepherd-49 HonahLee105_PShepherd-51 HonahLee105_PShepherd-59 HonahLee105_PShepherd
Little Vicious
LittleVicious105_PShepherd-6 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-8 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-12 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-19 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-23 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-35 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-37 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-42 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-47 LittleVicious105_PShepherd-57
The Yawpers
Yawpers105_PShepherd-7 Yawpers105_PShepherd-21 Yawpers105_PShepherd-30 Yawpers105_PShepherd-35 Yawpers105_PShepherd-42 Yawpers105_PShepherd-49 Yawpers105_PShepherd-55 Yawpers105_PShepherd-64 Yawpers105_PShepherd-66 Yawpers105_PShepherd-72 Yawpers105_PShepherd-104 Yawpers105_PShepherd-126 Yawpers105_PShepherd-136 Yawpers105_PShepherd-140 Yawpers105_PShepherd-153

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