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SIMGE On The Scene: Well Wisher, Big Nothing, Earth Telephone & Thin Lips Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd October 4, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments
Sometimes you run across an artist or group that no matter what song they are playing makes you feel good. Fast or slow, aggressive or laid back, it just does not matter. This weeks Happy Mondays kicked off in that exact fashion with openers Well Wisher. With Natalie Newbold now out front and behind her guitar and backed by Lucas Dalakian on bass and Biff Swenson on drums, this prime trio represents all that is good in the world. I may have referenced something similar to that statement when Dollys was together, but the shoe still fits.
Joining the festivities for the night were two bands from the Philly area, Big Nothing and Thin Lips. Both highly energetic, bordering on punk influences but with more of a rock-n-roll tone to them. It was a special night for Thin Lips as they kicked off their month long tour of the States.
The fourth band of the evening, fresh off their EP release was Earth Telephone. They do have the coolest band logo going and to implify how cool they are, all proceeds during the first week of sales of that EP are going to Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and the International Medical Corp. It is a name your own price download so be kind!
The choice selections from the evening:
Well Wisher
WellWisher102_PShepherd-2 WellWisher102_PShepherd-7 WellWisher102_PShepherd-10 WellWisher102_PShepherd-24 WellWisher102_PShepherd-38 WellWisher102_PShepherd-47 WellWisher102_PShepherd-51 WellWisher102_PShepherd-63 WellWisher102_PShepherd-70 WellWisher102_PShepherd-79
Big Nothing
BigNothing102_PShepherd-21 BigNothing102_PShepherd-25 BigNothing102_PShepherd-32 BigNothing102_PShepherd-38 BigNothing102_PShepherd-45 BigNothing102_PShepherd-57 BigNothing102_PShepherd-62 BigNothing102_PShepherd-66 BigNothing102_PShepherd-74 BigNothing102_PShepherd-84
Earth Telephone
EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-2 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-8 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-11 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-15 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-29 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-38 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-43 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-50 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd-60 EarthTelephone102_PShepherd
Thin Lips
ThinLips102_PShepherd-4 ThinLips102_PShepherd-18 ThinLips102_PShepherd-27 ThinLips102_PShepherd-37 ThinLips102_PShepherd-52 ThinLips102_PShepherd-54 ThinLips102_PShepherd-57 ThinLips102_PShepherd-63 ThinLips102_PShepherd-73 ThinLips102_PShepherd-89


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