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SIMGE On The Scene: Wetbrain, Little Vicious and Shut Up played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd June 13, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

Sometimes it is best to just jump right into the beginning of a week, full steam ahead. Overall, I am about as laid back as they come. Though in all of us there is a certain amount of aggression that likes to come forward and get the juices flowing. This weeks Happy Mondays was just that. A raunchy, kick butt affair that put aside the mellow phase and got me all charged up for the week to come.

We started off the night with Wetbrain. A great kickoff to the night as they area bit on the passive aggressive side. Not too strong, not too weak, music that to gets you to pay attention to what they are doing, staying at a fairly even keel but still tips the internal energy barrier enough to say more, more, more. More will be coming as they are currently in the mixing stage of an upcoming release.

I saw Little Vicious for the first time as a three piece a few months ago. I think they may have been ironing a few things out back then, but for this night, they just blew me away. I have always been a fan, loved the two piece version, but as a three piece the sound and energy takes them to another level. I kept thinking they need to be opening for Halestorm. Well, that is who I thought of anyway. Rocking hard, partying hard.

Shut Up closed out the night. Short songs, power songs, fun songs. In your face, energize you for the week kinda show.

Next weeks offers up Erotic Novels, Alpha Rabbit and My Cruel Summer.

The choice selections from the evening:

Wet Brain
WetBrain611PShepherd-8 WetBrain611PShepherd-12 WetBrain611PShepherd-19 WetBrain611PShepherd-28 WetBrain611PShepherd-42 WetBrain611PShepherd-63 WetBrain611PShepherd-74 WetBrain611PShepherd-79 WetBrain611PShepherd-86 WetBrain611PShepherd-88
Little Vicious
LittleVicious611PShepherd-2 LittleVicious611PShepherd-16 LittleVicious611PShepherd-49 LittleVicious611PShepherd-51 LittleVicious611PShepherd-71 LittleVicious611PShepherd-79 LittleVicious611PShepherd-103 LittleVicious611PShepherd-110 LittleVicious611PShepherd-118 LittleVicious611PShepherd-132
Shut Up
ShutUp611PShepherd-14 ShutUp611PShepherd-25 ShutUp611PShepherd-53 ShutUp611PShepherd-59 ShutUp611PShepherd-60 ShutUp611PShepherd-67 ShutUp611PShepherd-70 ShutUp611PShepherd-74 ShutUp611PShepherd-88 ShutUp611PShepherd

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