SIMGE On The Scene: WetBrain, Geeze Louise & Fortune Yeller Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd June 14, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

We had a great preview this week of the summer that is upon us. Yes it was steamy, those were just transition temps. I can do without those temps, I am talking about the show we were provided with. The Wonder Bar had a really cool mix of intermixed indie bands. I have to let that soak in for a minute. Right. Asbury to me has always been about the local scene, everyone knows each other, be it by face or by name. Band members play with the members of other bands, but it is not just jamming together, the tunes are good, well rehearsed and polished. This has always amazed me. To classify them as side projects or other projects, I would go other. 

This weeks Happy Mondays featured Wetbrain, Geez Louise and Fortune Yeller. The guys in Wetbrain moved me the most, but I loved every single minute of all the bands. I have to add Fortune yeller was even in a state of mix as they were without two of their regular members so they added the perfect nightcap to the nights theme. 

Up next week, Cool Dad is hosting the night as he brings along Dentist, Overlake and Psychic Teens to prepare us for the summer solstice.  

The choice selections from the evening: 

Wetbrain Band

WetBrain612_PShepherd-41 WetBrain612_PShepherd-43 WetBrain612_PShepherd-52 WetBrain612_PShepherd-61 WetBrain612_PShepherd-66 WetBrain612_PShepherd-76 WetBrain612_PShepherd-77 WetBrain612_PShepherd-79 WetBrain612_PShepherd-85 WetBrain612_PShepherd-104

Geez Louise

GeezLouise612_PShepherd-11 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-13 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-20 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-27 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-32 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-35 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-41 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-45 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-48 GeezLouise612_PShepherd-61

Fortune Yeller

FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-17 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-27 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-28 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-34 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-39 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-45 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-48 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-50 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-56 FortuneYeller612_PShepherd-66

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