SIMGE On The Scene: Where’s Tino, Wet Brain, Sunshine Spazz and The Burns played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd December 7, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

I want to end the year with a string of Happy Mondays outings, a series which has brought me great joy and loads of excitement. I missed a lot more shows this year than I have in the past four years combined. Have a little hole in my heart because of it, but let’s finish the month out in grand fashion and get geared up for next year.

The first show of the month was a four band bill with Where’s Tino starting us off. I do not believe I have ever seen them in the past. A classic, full bodied, Jersey sound with great harmonies. Sunshine Spazz is always great to take in, lots of energy. Fun loving pranksters The Burns are one of my favorite locals to take in and they closed out the night with their normal flair.

The band of the night for me was Wet Brain. I have seen them before, but there was something different this night. maybe it was just a night for me to resonate with them a little tighter than I normally do. I was locked in hard. Had a great time watching Nick Aufiero work his kit, so smooth and great showmanship. Nick Kaelblein will one of these days give me an expression. Dude is a rock. Now, this totally counters the sounds that come out of his amp. Whether he is on Guitar or Bass, his instrument punches sweet accents and drives the melodies that fill the tunes.

Up next week: Scout, Powerlines and The Mercury Brothers hit up the Wonder Bar stage. See you there.

The rather interesting colored, Choice Selections from the evening:

Where’s Tino

WheresTino123_PShepherd-9 WheresTino123_PShepherd-15 WheresTino123_PShepherd-19 WheresTino123_PShepherd-23 WheresTino123_PShepherd-37 WheresTino123_PShepherd-41 WheresTino123_PShepherd-46 WheresTino123_PShepherd-48 WheresTino123_PShepherd-60 WheresTino123_PShepherd-61

Wet Brain

WetBrain123_PShepherd-11 WetBrain123_PShepherd-17 WetBrain123_PShepherd-23 WetBrain123_PShepherd-36 WetBrain123_PShepherd-45 WetBrain123_PShepherd-51 WetBrain123_PShepherd-60 WetBrain123_PShepherd-64 WetBrain123_PShepherd-68 WetBrain123_PShepherd-77

Sunshine Spazz

SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-5 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-9 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-18 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-33 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-36 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-51 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-59 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-60 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-65 SunshineSpazz123_PShepherd-76

The Burns

TheBurns123_PShepherd-4 TheBurns123_PShepherd-13 TheBurns123_PShepherd-23 TheBurns123_PShepherd-30 TheBurns123_PShepherd-40 TheBurns123_PShepherd-48 TheBurns123_PShepherd-49 TheBurns123_PShepherd-65 TheBurns123_PShepherd-72 TheBurns123_PShepherd-81

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