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SIMGE On The Scene: Wicked Hollow, Deaf Rhino & Olivia Bec Played The Saint

Phil Shepherd August 15, 2017 Live, Reviews No Comments

I have done quite a bit on a couple of the bands here so putting in just a few words. Friday night’s gig at The Saint was billed as a The Wicked Hollow Takeover, and to this, it exceeded expectations. The quartet played for nearly two hours, mixing in some classic covers into their set and had the near, full capacity crowd hanging onto every note. Really a wondrous sight. Straight up Rock-n-Roll is alive and well folks, it is not faded away, and it will never die.

The night opened with Olivia Bec. If you have not heard of her you will soon. Pipes. Beautiful pipes. Olivia was joined on stage by a few of her friends, and, well, the talent coming out of PAA and Ocean County VoTech is simply incredible.

Deaf Rhino took the two hole as a three piece and did not miss a beat, rocking as hard as ever. Local music, live music, new music. Keep getting out there, keep supporting, we have a good thing going.

The choice selections from the evening:
Olivia Bec
OliviaBec811_PShepherd-2 OliviaBec811_PShepherd-8 OliviaBec811_PShepherd-12 OliviaBec811_PShepherd-13 OliviaBec811_PShepherd-18 OliviaBec811_PShepherd-20 OliviaBec811_PShepherd-25
Deaf Rhino
DeafRhino811_PShepherd-11 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-22 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-28 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-34 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-55 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-77 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-86 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-106 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-117 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-135 DeafRhino811_PShepherd-141
Wicked Hollow
WickedHollow811_PShepherd-8 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-11 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-16 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-23 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-27 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-39 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-53 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-70 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-74 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-83 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-91 WickedHollow811_PShepherd-98

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