SIMGE On The Scene: Wicked Hollow, The Paper Jets & Lowlight Played Happy Mondays

Phil Shepherd April 12, 2016 Live, Reviews No Comments

The weeks torrid affair at Happy Mondays was the perfect precursor for the warm weather that finally approaches us. The arrival of a new band into the fold, the resurgence of a band that has been holed up in the studio and mixing in a new member and the strength of one of the scenes powerhouse acts produced a killer night of song and had people buzzing upon departure. 

Wicked Hollow, a young quartet from Manchester, NJ had a great welcome to the Wonder Bar stage and a great response from the crowd. Good things will be coming for this group and I for one and looking forward to their progression. A very old school sound, soulful, bluesy, hard and heavy. Right up my alley. Check them out, they will be coming around again. 

The Paper Jets are making their comeback of sorts to the scene with their official welcome back show slated for May 7th at The Court Tavern. So, I would say this night was a warm up for them, though I would have never know if I did not hear it from them. The were tight, polished and sounded as thought they have been gigging all along. 

Closing the night out was scene favorites Lowlight. Not much to say that has not been already said. Awesome. 

Next week is going to get crazy as Toke comes up from Cape Fear, NC to go along with Hand of Weed and This That and the Others.

The choice selections from the evening: 

Wicked Hollow

WickedHollow411_PShepherd-4 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-18 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-27 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-38 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-43 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-49 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-51 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-59 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-66 WickedHollow411_PShepherd-78

The Paper Jets

PaperJets_PShepherd-2 PaperJets_PShepherd-10 PaperJets_PShepherd-13 PaperJets_PShepherd-22 PaperJets_PShepherd-24 PaperJets_PShepherd-28 PaperJets_PShepherd-34 PaperJets_PShepherd-38 PaperJets_PShepherd-39 PaperJets_PShepherd-54


Lowlight411_PShepherd-10 Lowlight411_PShepherd-16 Lowlight411_PShepherd-17 Lowlight411_PShepherd-33 Lowlight411_PShepherd-34 Lowlight411_PShepherd-37 Lowlight411_PShepherd-42 Lowlight411_PShepherd-43 Lowlight411_PShepherd-54 Lowlight411_PShepherd-64

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