SIMGE Premiere: Hotel of the Laughing Tree Drops “Aging Archimedes”

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After two successful full-length releases, including a 2009 debut titled Old Dominion and its 2011 follow up Terror And Everything After, Long Island’s Hotel of the Laughing Tree parted ways with Brookvale Records and the idea of needing to venture to Nashville to cut a great record.

In the ensuing years, the notion of DIY ethics and production took hold and lineup alterations coincided with the two EPs named Mammoth Skin, Part 1 (2012) and Mammoth Skin, Part 2 (2014), as well as one seven-track side-project under the guise of Archibelle that was destined for full-length grandeur before Hurricane Sandy derailed those plans.

However, Hotel of the Laughing Tree is preparing for the February 1st unveiling of New World Soundown, its first long-form collection in five years, and have tapped SIMGE to provide a taste of what’s to come in “Aging Archimedes”.

Though billed as a progressive indie-rock collective, “Aging Archimedes” surges toward the pop realm, setting a tone from the start with an initial synthesized moan and accompanying acoustic guitar chords, providing a foundation for Hotel of the Laughing Tree to flesh out this haunting club quaker and potential crossover hit.

Stream”Aging Archimedes” below and be sure to check out Hotel of the Laughing Tree’s lead single “Duo” at Sunset In The Rearview.

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