SIMGE Premiere: Red Bank’s toilet. Unveils “Mashed” From Forthcoming EP Music To Sit On The Couch To

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toilet. (Biff Swenson)

“The album will be released on 4/20…duh.”

This was the introduction SIMGE received from toilet. front-man Biff Swenson (also known as Brick+Mortar hype man the Jersey Jerkoff) as he described what lies ahead for the Red Bank-based Indie-Rock project and its forthcoming EP Music To Sit On The Couch To.  However, upon actually spinning the record’s lead single, “Mashed”, the ethos of this enigmatic South Jersey artist became much clearer.

Does “Mashed” come riddled with imagery of smoked out abodes and plentiful stashes…of course.  But toilet. and its introductory cut are far from a Phish-head fantasy or a jam for the Bradley Nowell fan, nor is it wishful thinking for the blissful burnout.

Instead, “Mashed” suggests an artist trying to cope with the lonesome reality surrounding him, filling the void left by friends and their commitments with good weed, the simple gifts of life, and listening parties with Pinkerton on heavy rotation.

“The EP starts out really happy and upbeat. The songs are shorter, and the lyrics are lighter,” Swenson explained. “It gradually gravitates from simple-minded into a slower, more depressing vibe. The lyrics are more blunt and less forgiving. An overall sense of being miserable sets in, but in a celebratory way.”
“It’s a celebration of sinking into a new reality,” he continued. “Life changes. People grow up. Everybody is busy with work and relationships. You have to find small joys in life. Getting a drink with a friend after work. Smoking a joint with complete strangers after a show. Watching a television show when it actually airs live. Writing and recording a song from scratch at 6 a.m. before you have work. These are the things that we have to look forward to at this age: small joys. This EP was mine. It is being okay with being yourself, and flaunting it. This is exactly how I envisioned it, and I am proud to finally share it with everyone.”

As mentioned, toilet. will officially unveil the physical form of Music To Sit On The Couch To on April 20, but has hinted at releasing a stream of the album in advance.  In the meantime, spin “Mashed” in all its fuzz-smothered glory and melodic allure below:

NOTE: Swenson is also a member of the local outfit Spa Day…check out their single “Hazing Ritual” here.

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