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SIMGE Singles: Those Mockingbirds – “How To Rob A Bank”

Chris Rotolo October 30, 2013 News No Comments

TMWhen committing a felony such as armed robbery of a bank and/or store of some sort, Grand Theft Auto IV has taught us that there are two ways of doing so…quiet and strategic, or loud and dumb.  In the case of Those Mockingbirds, the Montclair, NJ-based Rock collective’s latest single “How To Rob A Bank” is a combination of the two.

Though Those Mockingbirds has garnered past comparisons to Nirvana and Arcade Fire, the outfit’s last few pieces of recorded music, including those found on the band’s 2011 EP Fa Sol La, have leaned more toward the latter, opting to present a more reserved composition, rather than the sonic assault of the senses delivered on “How To Rob A Bank”.

The single, which fronts the band’s yet-to-be-titled forthcoming full-length release, is both thoughtful and negligent, elegant and disheveled, controlled and chaotic, and for the first time Those Mockingbirds have truly wrangled and meshed those artistic concepts brought forth by Cobain and Butler on the same canvas, creating a sound and emotion all their own.

Stream Those Mockingbirds’ “How To Rob A Bank” below, purchase it here, and stay tuned for more on the outfit’s upcoming release.

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