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SIMGE Stream: Cellphone – Excellent Condition

Mike Mehalick January 21, 2015 New Music, Reviews No Comments


Remember that time you last clicked play on a band your friend sent over and you went, “Woah”, from the outset? Enter Toronto psych-punks Cellphone and their debut LP Excellent Condition.

Finding different entry points into various forms of driving fuzz-spooky rock, the ripping quartet kick some more dirt over the grave of those still clinging onto the memory of Misfits, and establish a bold new reality for us all. A real refresher for anyone that’s tired of the over saturation of cookie cutter garage-rock.

Much of what makes Excellent Condition so great is staring at you from the periphery of the blinding guitar led structures which, as is the mark of any great record, warrants repeat listens.

Kick in with lead track “Bad Medusa” and I guarantee you’ll be listening all the way through to the end. Congrats and thanks to Cellphone for creating the type of music that I love so much. The kind that scares you a little at first because you’re caught up in a swirl that you know you like, but don’t know how to properly process.

Stream Cellphone’s Excellent Condition below and look for more here.

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