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SIMGE Stream: Killer Waves – Scott Hall Acid House

Mike Mehalick February 27, 2014 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Killer Waves

Sometimes you get exactly what you ask for. Sometimes you don’t even realize that what you were asking for was a sharp boot straight to the keister.

After sending out a general “I’m bored” blast on the SIMGE Facebook page I was happy to receive several submissions from old friends and new. The most jarring, immediate, grab-you-by-the-throat thing to appear comes courtesy of Edison noise-punk outfit Killer Waves in the form of Scott Hall Acid House.

Spanning five blitzkrieg bombing tracks, Scott Hall Acid House is a mighty, no fucks given, but all fucks effort showcase of an aesthetic sorely missed in the local scene. From the outset, in “Cosmic Rays, Everyday”, the hard charging trio exudes a fury with chants of “I don’t want to live like this!” set against a mind numbing, psych-punk swirl. Loading up towards mid-EP instrumental “Break-In At The Batcave”, Killer Waves find that neck cracking happy place usually reserved for the likes of Lightning Bolt.

Seriously, when can I catch Killer Waves in a basement? I’m asking for a friend, and that friend is me.

If one particular track stands out as a ready to go, vinyl store sifting single it’s likely “Revenge Mask” which features detached vocals and a perfect backbeat construct. ScoMaguatt Hall Acid House draws to an all too quick close with “Magua”, which builds from a lurch someplace that Josh Homme might not find himself too uncomfortable in setting up residence.

Stream Scott Hall Acid House right now below. Do it. Do it now.

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