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SIMGE Stream: Lowlight – Where Do We Go From Here

Mike Mehalick July 26, 2016 New Music, Reviews No Comments


Photo Credit: Jim Appio
It’s funny what a little local scene can do for you. In an era where you can go from setting up your Soundcloud page to touring major festivals in a year, there’s still something to be said for getting out and gigging hard.

Such was, part of, the advice handed down by Don Giovanni Records founder Joe Steinhardt at the Indie Music Panel I also sat on a while back. Looking out in the audience, it was impossible to miss Lowlight‘s Renee Maskin, and one of her signature hats, taking it all in.

It occurred to me in sitting down to write this piece that although I’m pretty well familiar with a couple of Lowlight tunes, I’ve never really heard them aside from the live realm. Then I went back further and realized we have covered Lowlight performances more than ten times over the last year plus.

So it’s with that reverse engineered, at least in the digital age, experience in having learned it live first that I spun Lowlight’s wonderful debut LP, Where Do We Go From Here.

The sprawling album fully realizes everything Lowlight has been working up and perfecting at their rehearsals and shows since early 2015. Set highlights like “Why Wander, “Bones” and “Motel Chronicles” feature new ripples of sounds and harmonies that the hum of a live set might wash out.

What makes Where Do We Go From Here really shine is the larger world weary-Americana aesthetic at play which is purely Maskin & co’s natural lane. The sequencing of the instrumental pieces elevates the sonic narrative to a point where you feel like you’ve traveled a great distance while staying put.

Start planning a road trip/hike and stream Lowlight’s Where Do We Go From Here below and be sure to catch themĀ at Asbury Park Yacht Club tomorrow w/ Francis Lombardi and the Jolly Daggers.

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