SIMGE Stream: Nature Ganganbaigal Creates Epic Atmospheres On To Where Tengger Leads Me

Nate Voss August 14, 2015 New Music, Reviews No Comments

Nature Ganganbaigal

Need some new motivational music? Look no further than Nature Ganganbaigal’s To Where Tengger Leads Me.

The accomplished composer’s latest opus plays as much of his music does; a sweeping epic from a faraway land that begs for the full sound system treatment. If you are one who enjoys running (I do not) as an activity, I would imagine you could get some solid mileage out of listening to To Where Tengger Leads Me before you even realize how far you’ve run. It gets the blood pumping.

For those unfamiliar, Nature Ganganbaigal is a composer for film and game music, Mongolian music songwriter, and horsehead fiddle, an ancient string instrument of the Mongolian people, player from China who writes music for both indie studios and large media firms such as China Central Television. After years of studying the horse-head fiddle and Mongolian throat singing, Nature was invited to perform in New York City as a soloist with the NYU Philharmonic and Jazz ensemble, Combo Nuvo, in the world premiere of Richard Shemaria’s
“Mongolian Nights.”

Nature is also the bandleader, composer, and lead singer of Tengger Cavalry, a rock band that creates driving, ambitious, monumental soundscapes. Be sure to give Nature Ganganbaigal’s To Where Tengger Leads Me below.

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