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SIMGE Stream: The Great American Novel – :(

Mike Mehalick September 20, 2013 New Music, Reviews No Comments

The Great American Novel

“The “Great American Novel” is the concept of a novel that is distinguished in both craft and theme as being the most accurate representative of the zeitgeist in the United States at the time of its writing.”

Such is the Wikipedia entry referenced in New York rockers The Great American Novel‘s self description. This sense of grand Gatsby romanticism gets hyper contextualized through a modern prism and a gallery of styles and influences on the band’s latest LP Frown or simply stylized as :(.

The album opens and closes with a live chanted refrain lending the album an inextricable quality of feeling like The Great American Novel are putting on a show just for you. From that early outset launching pad, the indefatigable group try their best to relate to significant others and work through the issues that arise in those relationships with lovelorn, inventive bursts of driving indie-rock.

A defined, and literal, middle point breaks up both sides of :( in the form of the ballad eschewing “Ankle Biters” which, in essence, finds The Great American Novel aiming to define what constitutes a stable relationship in 2013. It’s entirely possible that the most accurate representation of American intimacy in immediate hindsight is two people cozying up to plow through an entire season of “Orange Is The New Black” on Netflix.

But how does all this make the members of The Great American Novel really feel? Well there’s only one true way of finding out, and that is by streaming :( in full below.

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