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SIMGE Survey: Getting To Know Doo Crowder // Stream “Death Song”

Mike Mehalick July 7, 2016 Features, Interviews No Comments

Doo Crowder

Based out of Denver, CO, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Doo Crowder has been prepping his debut album, One For the Losers (& Other Pilgrims), since late 2014. Now, the initial fruits of those labors are beginning to show.

The LP was recently teased by the release of single “Death Song” which only begins to scratch the surface of what Doo Crowder can, well, Doo. The song winds around several dynamic shifts as dark synth and drum led intro fires off into a fuzzy glam rock chorus of sorts that eventually settles into a elegant psych-rock bed of flowers.

We sent Doo Crowder the SIMGE Survey to help get to know the artist a little better. Stream “Death Song” and check out his responses below.

Name: Doo Crowder
Band: Doo Crowder
Instrument(s): Guitar, Vocals, Computer. I play a little bit on a lot of instruments but mostly just enough for my own songs.

What sound(s) do you/your band make?

Psychedelic/ indie/classic rock. Folk. noise. Musique concrete. dialogue.

If you could have anything fall from the sky what would it be and why?

(an) epic song(s). Don’t wanna be too greedy, but…songs plural would be cool. Because:

1. It would be a real validating message. “you’re definitely onto something here, Crowder. Amazing songs from the sky.”

2. That’s what I’m always waiting for/ Looking for.

3. My life today is pretty much the sum of the songs I’ve gathered together.

When I was a kid I used to love to…

Make blueprints for a lot of stuff. Go carts, automatic spitwad shooters, treehouses, etc but I wouldn’t finish building them.

An embarrassing phase in my life was when…

I used to wet the bed and peed on my friend’s bed.

The 1st album I purchased:

Bukka White – Sky Songs.

The last album I purchased:

déCollage – Magnetize.

My biggest insecurity:

I could probably generate insecurity about anything…maybe being too silent or being annoying. Or going bald. Generally getting worse/becoming less.

You can easily win me over by…

Trying. Being respectful and/or being badass.

Sometimes when I feel bored I listen to classical music because it’s culture-y.

After a show people compliment me most on my…

Songs/stage presence.

Something most people don’t know about me is…

I write most of my songs in dreams.

The band (artist) that altered my perception on life is Beck because he mixes up genres to suit him. He made me appreciate sounds/samples functioning as instruments. Later, Animal Collective had a similar effect on me in a different way. Beck is more conceptual/abstract to me though. His ideas translate to any number of styles whereas Animal Collective is more distinctive stylistically.

If not for music I would probably…

Be SOL. I wouldn’t have “a thing.” I’d probably walk the earth like Caine (like I do anyway but without music!!!).

What are your favorite song lyrics?

I love the mechanisms of lyrics and music, but different songs I love for different reasons. Leonard Cohen- “Take This Waltz,” Bob Dylan – “The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest,” Hank Snow – “A Fool Such As I,” Broadcast – “Subject to the Ladder,” Joy Division – “Heart and Soul.”

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