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SIMGE Survey: Getting To Know Pussywhips // Stream “Solidarity”

Mike Mehalick June 17, 2016 Features, Interviews No Comments


Hailing from Portugal, rocking trio Pussywhips churn up a post-punk storm with their latest single, “Solidarity.” Consisting of Tiago Fonseca (guitar, vocals), Sofia Leonor (drums) and Pedro Vaz (bass), the band recently released self-titled debut EP.

On “Solidarity,” Pussywhips push a groove heavy snowball down a hill that builds speed and power as it rolls ferociously along like Protomartyr or Iceage on speed.

To help better introduce Pussywhips to the SIMGE audience, we had Fonseca take the SIMGE Survey. Check out the responses while streaming “Solidarity” below.

Name: Tiago Fonseca
Band: Pussywhips
Instrument(s): Guitar, Vocals

What sound(s) do you/your band make?

We want to sound noisy and abrasive but still groovy and chirpy, with an edgy bounce to it.

If you could have anything fall from the sky what would it be and why?

As Johnny Marr once put it: “A 20 ft. long Rickenbacker 12 string through a 20 ft. tall Fender Amp,” but he didn’t mean it falling from the sky, though I believe that if it did fall from the sky, it would make this huge splash with the reverb tank and all (like those you can hear on 60’s surf records). That would be really cool to witness.

When I was a kid I used to love to…

Not being around other kids mostly.

An embarrassing phase in my life was when…

To quote GG Allin: “Always was, is and always shall be.”

The 1st album I purchased:

As a pre-teen I remember picking up Uprising by Bob Marley and The Wailers in a bargain bin, but I already had some great records laying around at home – The The’s Mind Bomb was one of my first true fixations and MJ’s Thriller of course.

The last album I purchased:

EPLP by Teenanger, purchased over at Bandcamp – love everything about it: screaming guitars, snarky vocals and a really tight rhythm section.

My biggest insecurity:

That I’ll never make it in the rap game.

You can easily win me over by…

Sipping red wine whilst looking hella goth.

Sometimes when I feel overly caffeinated I listen to jangle pop because it’s sooo colorful.

After a show people compliment me most on my…

‘Band’ (it’s actually kinda weird).

Something most people don’t know about me is…

My dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

The band (artist) that altered my perception on life is James Brown because he was the “hardest working man in showbusiness.”

If not for music I would probably…

“Have to rethink elements as basic as space and time, to go all science fictiony on you in this sense.” – Justin Trudeau

What are your favorite song lyrics?

“(…) And I’ll give you my soul?
To beat it with your pole.”

“Cherry Came Too” as written by William Adam Reid, James Mcleish Reid.

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