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SIMGE Survey: Getting To Know Voices from Deep Below // Stream “This Place Will Raise Up”

Mike Mehalick June 30, 2016 Features, Interviews No Comments

Voices from Deep Below

Originally hailing from London, shoegaze project Voices from Deep Below now calls the Big Apple home. The work of artist Dale Humphries, the latest release from Voices from Deep Below, This Place Will Raise Up, is a direct reflection on the transatlantic shift.

The album’s title track is a towering-gaze behemoth as searing guitar passages overscore thundering rhythms. As Humphries has set out This Place Will Raise Up as a farewell-for-now effort as he focuses on other pursuits, the LP’s namesake makes a mark big enough to reverberate until next time.

To help get to know Humphries a little better we sent him the SIMGE Survey. Check out his responses and stream Voices from Deep Below’s “This Place Will Raise Up” below.

Name: Dale Humphries
Band: Voices from Deep Below
Instrument(s): Guitar, Keys, Vox

What sound(s) do you/your band make?

Organised noise.

If you could have anything fall from the sky what would it be and why?

My instruments back home in England. Just pick them up first and then drop them over here.

When I was a kid I used to love to…

Watch my dad’s music VHS tapes until they stopped working.

An embarrassing phase in my life was when…

I was 14 – 15 and stopped listening to music I really liked to try and fit in at school. Or when I thought I was a photographer for a short time.

The 1st album I purchased:

Michael Jackson – Dangerous.

The last album I purchased:

ELO – Secret Messages .

My biggest insecurity:

My guitar playing.

You can easily win me over by…

Making me a nice, hearty meal.

Sometimes when I feel nostalgic I listen to The Smiths because it reminds me of home.

After a show people compliment me most on my…

Lack of playing live shows.

Something most people don’t know about me is…

That I talk to myself more than a normal person should.

The band (artist) that altered my perception on life is David Bowie because he bent sound and shifted styles consistently for nearly 50 years

If not for music I would probably…

Be very, very bored.

What are your favorite song lyrics?

“In the arms of new love, the peace that you’ll feel is real life” – Elbow.

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