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SIMGEssentials: Bern & The Brights, Alexandra Inglis, My Gold Mask, Big Deal

Chris Rotolo December 10, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials 1 Comment

“Thieves, Creeps, and Automatons” by Bern & The Brights

What’s exciting about Independent music collectives is their lack of fear.  These groups don’t feel the obligation to adhere to the bounds of a single medium, almost viewing it as their artistic duty to expand the reaches of the creative process to soundscapes untread.  Such is the case with Bern & The Brights’ 2012 seven-track collection Work.

Is it Indie-Rock for the Nerd-Core enthusiast?  The electronic laser snowstorm that envelopes he distorted six string driven “Slave Driver” suggests as much.  Could it be Jazz tunes for the Rude Boys and Girls of Montclair’s storied Ska-Punk underground?  The brass-coated refrains of the upbeat “I See Red” conveys the idea.  Or is it merely lush Pop compositions for the enjoyment of the Folk community?  The vast acoustic-led venture that is “Irish Boys” alludes to such a claim.

The fact is we may never know nor understand the categorical intentions of this complex offering, but what’s undeniable is the album’s ability to unite a multitude of fans on varied fronts.

Stream “Thieves, Creeps, and Automatons” below and be sure to check out Bern & The Brights on December 15th for the From Montclair to The Shore Benefit at Van Vleck House & Gardens in Montclair, NJ featuring The Amboys, Accidental Seabirds, The Porchistas, Thomas Wesley Stern, and many more.  The musical fundraiser starts at 1 p.m. with a donation of $20 ($10 for children) to be made upon entrance.

“Soul” by Alexandra Inglis

Colts Neck songstress Alexandra Inglis has spent the past year revealing to the local music community her soul.  Her artfully crafted poetics layered upon scant acoustic strumming acts as an alluring extension of this writer’s emotional energy.

Last week, Inglis released the appropriately titled “Soul,” a new single in which the soloist declares what is now common knowledge “I’ve got soul/I’ve got powers/I can kiss and give you flowers.”

Stream the track below and see Inglis Tonight on Ludlow Street in Manhattan at the storied Pianos.  Doors open at 7 p.m. with a cover charge TBA.

“Further It Gets” by My Gold Mask

Caked in the heavy reverberance of a fog-engulfed evening in Downtown Chicago, Indie-Rock duo My Gold Mask operates off a palette of metallic guitar chunking and Pop harmonies that’s slated to be shown in a hue of gold with the release of the outfit’s forthcoming sophomore LP Leave Me Midnight, which is slated to drop in the first quarter of 2013.

The lead single to this 10-track collection, “Further It Gets,” resembles of piece of songwriting heavily influenced by Cults and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as turbulent riffing and ferocious backbeats mesh with melodic verses and rattle snake tambourines that introduce each enticing chorus.

“Teradactol” by Big Deal

In some futuristic coliseum where modern man wields laser rifles and is pitted against genetically engineered lizards from a past realm, Big Deal’s “Teradactol” will act as the theme music.  The lead single to this London-based outfit’s forthcoming sophomore release moves the band in a new artistic direction, expanding on the former duo of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe’s Noise-Rock offerings by adding a stick wielder and bass player, who at this time shall remain nameless.

With these recent additions comes the aforementioned “Teradactol,” a Grungy composition of crunchy and distorted instrumentals served up charred on a bed of scorched earth.  However, It’s Costelloe’s melodic vocal arrangements that allows such a song to transcend tastes and genres, making this single and its creators a band to watch, and that 2013 release greatly anticipated by this penman.


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