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SIMGEssentials: GayGuy/StraightGuy, Beach Day, Feeding People, The History Of Apple Pie

Chris Rotolo November 20, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials No Comments

Bob Paulos @ Asbury Lanes ’12 (C. Rotolo)

“Nashville” by GayGuy/StraightGuy

Asbury Park’s own GayGuy/StraightGuy, a two-man Rock outfit of various makes and genres featuring former River City Extension six string maestro Nick Cucci and Give Me Static front-man turned stick wielder Bob Paulos, is back with 3 Songs, a new collection of multi-tempoed tunes from the mildly smooth ode to a not-so-mellow evening on the road (“Ruby Tennessee”), to the subdued payment of homage to a Korena War Veteran (“Gene, Korea, 1951″).  However, no track quite rises to the top like the opening salvo, “Nashville.”  This blistering composition has a pair of delightfully crude guises which place on display the many influences of this duo, as Cucci’s bluesy Folk howling leads the listener through an opening stanza of modernized field holler vocals, which give way to a riotous amalgamation of White Stripes and Black Keys artistry between axe-driven Rage Against The Machine-esque bridges.  Stream one of this penman’s favorite songs of 2012 below and download the EP here.  All proceeds from the release will be donated to the The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in thanks for all they have done and continue to do to keep people fed, especially in the last few weeks,” read the duo’s official statement regarding the collection.

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“Walking On The Streets” by Beach Day

In 2011, when All Tomorrow’s Parties inserted it’s Northeastern United States installment of the boutique style festival that is I’ll Be Your Mirror into the Boardwalk confines of Asbury Park, a lesser known outfit from Manhattan’s East Village named Cults kicked off the weekend by developing a distorted dreamscape in our musical hub by the sea’s Asbury Lanes.  That same group has developed into a globe trotting juggernaut, traveling the summertime festival circuit and selling out tour dates on the global market…and Hollywood, Florida’s Beach Day operates in the same vein.  Jangling guitar riffs and disjointed snare strikes outline the group’s vintage Surf-Pop offerings, rejuvenated by lush refrains and cavernous distortion.  Check out the group’s latest single, “Walking On The Streets” below.

“Silent Violent” by Feeding People

After gaining notoriety for sexual deviancy and payola scandals in London back in the ’60s, Janie Jones was immortalized by The Clash as the romantic crush of a nameless punk with an affinity for Rock N’Roll and getting stoned.  Feeding People’s Jessie Jones, for all intents and purposes, is a model citizen whose only correlation to her predecessor is a captivating vocal prowess that front’s an Indie-Rock collective whose tunes make you feel as if you’ve come under the influence of some psychedelic substance.  No track better exemplifies this Orange County-based outfit’s effects on the mind than its latest single “Silent Violent,” which leads the group’s forthcoming sophomore full-length release, Island Universe, and features a many a moments of reserved beauty and uproarious turbulence.  Stream the cut below and be sure to pick Island Universe on February 5th via Innovative Leisure.


“Glitch” by The History Of Apple Pie

When you sleep at night and all the fabrics of the psyche are woven together in a euphoric dreamscape of nonsensical missives and bits of reality experienced in the past, that’s where London’s The History Of Apple Pie resides.  This is joyous Indie-Pop where Jermoe Watson’s makes his distorted guitar moan like a carnivorous lizard of Jurassic Period, while his key collaborator and romantic partner Stephanie Min lure’s the listener into the murky of musical waters with mermaid-like siren songs before blissfully drowning them in sound.  “Glitch” is the group’s latest single and fronts the outfit’s forthcoming Joshua Third (The Horrors) produced LP, Out Of View, which is scheduled for a January 29th release on Marshall Teller Records.  Stream it below and stay tuned for more from one of this penman’s favorite new acts of 2012.

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