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SIMGEssentials: Maus Haus, The Little Ones, Big Wilson River, The Bennys, Vex Ruffin

Chris Rotolo November 13, 2012 Features, SIMGEssentials 2 Comments

Maus Haus

“Argonauts” by The Little Ones

Oozing from The Little Ones’ sun-doused Pop-Rock offerings is a warmth that engulfs the group and the San Diego haunts in which it resides, a tropical climate that’s inundated this outfit’s very existence, and as a result, its songwriting.  “Argonauts,” the band’s latest release, is a glistening illustration of The Little Ones’ artistry as bursting stick work weaves throughout this island paradise of a composition playing the common thread to shimmering synth arrangements and slices of jangling fret manipulation.  However, it’s the huge refrains which sing the praise of Jason’s most ancient companions that truly captivates the listener and allow this cut to be donned a SIMGessential.  “Argonauts” is the lead single to The Little Ones’ forthcoming LP, The Dawn Sang Along, which is slated to drop on February 13th.

“Same Thing Tomorrow” by Vex Ruffin

With the accessibility of production software and an abundance of skilled practitioners offering to sit at the studio soundboard, it’s startling when an artist takes it upon themselves to throw it all by the wayside, to strip away the puffery aspects of musical composition, and revel in the skeletal frameworks of songwriting.  It’s the type of headspace where Stones Throw Records’ signee Vex Ruffin resides…and it’s a dwelling where the Chino, California-based artist is thriving.  The soloist’s latest single, “Same Thing Tomorrow,” accurately depicts the state of Independent music where less is often more, as the minimalist maestro layers slabs of simplistic bass noodling to create a more complex foundation beneath monotone missives that speak of the boredom and hopelessness of a generation.  “Same Thing Tomorrow” is the leading number and title track of Vex Ruffin’s recently released cassette-only full-length.  Stream it below.

“Hey Jean” by Maus Haus

Electronically charged and fuzz encased Kraftwerk-esque murmuring lies at the underbelly of “Hey Jean,” the latests single from San Francisco’s own Maus Haus.  However, sprouting from the prickly pedestal upon which this lavish piece of songwriting rests is a lush bouquet of Beach Boys-inspired Pop-Rock that melds methodical explosions of six string slashing, frantic tambourine clashes, and reverberant psychedelia doused melodics that tug at the brain stem, burrowing deep within the listener’s psyche so they may someday return, unleashing a freaky mind drip while you compile data in an Excel spreadsheet at the office.  While your sent careening down the gray aisle between cubicles screaming “Hey Jean/I guess it’s over now/You don’t have to worry/Everybody let’s there guard down sometimes,” coworkers will know you have lived…you have achieved a euphoric state…you have found Maus Haus.  Download the cut below and be sure to pick up the record it resides upon titled Light Noise (2012) at the link provided.

“Astronaut” by Big Wilson River

It’s quite possible that no living artist better illustrates man’s affection for self-deprication better than Darren Bradbury and his Northern New Jersey-based Thrash-Folk collective Big Wilson River.  Exhibit A for this claim is the outfit’s latest work, “Astronaut,” a recently released single, and prelude to the band’s forthcoming By The Way, How Was California? EP, featuring flowery guitar meandering and dueling lead vocal harmonies via Emma McLaughlin and the aforementioned front-man.  The duo croons of conception in the cosmos and a child birthed at the back of a vessel bound for a black hole;  heartless chest cavities left murky and black from years of cigarette consumption; and a couple being stuck on an uninhabitable sand dune without books from their well-crafted desert island list…which isn’t such a bad thing for as the lyrics declare “I’d like to read you mine/But the truth is/It’s kind of boring.”  Stream the morosely comical composition below and be sure to pick up By The Way, How Was California when it’s unleashed into the wild on December 15th at The Clash Bar in Clifton, NJ.

[wp_bandcamp_player type=”track” id=”2853447400″ size=”grande” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”#4285BB”]

“Earthquake” by The Bennys

Back in March, this penman declared The Bennys the next great Party-Rock band to emerge from the Jersey Shore after the sweater sporting Surf-Punks offered a riotous opening set at Brick+Mortar homecoming show.  Then they disappeared.  A pair of following local commitments went unattended; rumors circulated that the group had called it quits; social media silence for eight months…and now, without warning, a new single had emerged in “Earthquake,” a sax-laced club crumbling production and ballad for the pit boss that’s guaranteed to leave crimson bloodstains on pearly white cardigan.  Comb the wave of lo-fi fury that is “Earthquake,” and here’s to hoping that this ray of light is more than a weakening vital sign of a band on life support, but the reemergence of a musical spectacle not be missed.  Download it below:

[wp_bandcamp_player type=”track” id=”3019470867″ size=”grande” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”#4285BB”]

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