SIMGEssentials (The Holiday Playlist Continued): Elevator Art, Batten Down The Hatches, Laura Warshauer, Xenosound, John Anealio

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Elevator Art Portrait by Comic Book Afterlife

Christmas is upon us, and one week ago SIMGE prepared a playlist of new holiday releases by local and national acts to fill listeners with cheer and good will toward their fellow man while staring the Mayan-predicted apocalypse in its dead and farcical eyes…today, on the eve of the most celebrated morn of them all, allow us to elongate your Holiday Playlist.

“Money Is Love” by Elevator Art

On “Money Is Love” Elevator Art took such a lauded subject as Christmas and shone it in the light, stripping away its ornate puffery aspects and revealing what it’s truly all about, what Elvis, Bing Crosby, and Charles Dickens were never brave enough to declare: Christmas is less a celebration of yuletide carols, family ties, and red and green…and just mostly about the green.  Angelic piano licks give way to explosive brass accompaniment capturing a live atmosphere that recalls a more satirical rendition of Southside Johnny’s “We’re Havin’ A Party.”  “It’s the thought that counts…and I don’t have to feel a thing” spouts a gang chorus fronted by Daimon Santa Maria.  We were all thinking it, thanks to Elevator Art for saying it.  Stream the Engine 3 Recordings production below:

“Santa Down The Hatches” by Batten Down The Hatches

Back in 2003, the Pop-Punk universe made their predecessors feel okay about having some fun around the holidays with the release of A Santa Cause: It’s A Punk Rock Christmas, a holiday compilation featuring the likes of Blink-182, Something Corporate, Fall Out Boy, MxPx, and many more.  Since then a bevy of the genres residents have taken their shot at holiday immortality, and now Freehold’s Batten Down The Hatches has released it’s offering, “Santa Down The Hatches.”

“I Love You Mr. Grinch” by Laura Warshauer

Garden State-native and perennial Light Of Day Festival performer Laura Warshauer plays Cindy-Lou Hoo who, was once, no more than two but is now a full-grown blue-eyed beauty professing her love for the fuzzy green brainchild of the good Dr. Seuss.  Once can’t be sure if this love letter soulfully crooned over lightly plucked acoustic chords is the result of true romance or the lasting effects of Stockholm Syndrome from a traumatic Christmas of yesteryear, but it’s charm is undeniable.

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Xenosound

The Indiana-based Indie-Rock collective that is Xenosound recently rolled through Asbury Park on a Winter tour making a pit stop at SIMGE’s First (and hopefully) Annual Holiday Party at The Saint and followed that performance with the release of  brass-coated live cover of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”  Check out the video below, which features live footage of the outfit’s jaunt about the states, including shots of the aforementioned stop at The Saint.

Seasons Geekings EP by John Anealio

New Jersey’s own Nerd-Rock purveyor John Anealio has returned with the release of Seasons Geekings, a four-track collection of festive offerings featuring musical soundscapes full of superheroes (“Batman Smells (A Rebuttal),” storm troopers (“The Millennium Falcon For Christmas”), spooky monsters (“Is A Chupacabra Kosher?”), and more.


To all our friends and supporters,

Thank you for reading, listening, following along, and have a wonderful holiday.



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