Sink Tapes Release Brand New Video For “Famous Glitching Clan”

Evan Cardin August 12, 2013 News No Comments

STThe New Brunswick based Sink Tapes recently posted a new music video to the wide online arena. The clip accompanies the group’s latest number, “Famous Glitching Clan”. It’s the first preview we’ve seen of the Sink Tapes third album How You Mean, due out September 17th on Mint 400 Records. If this track is any indication of things to come, I expect How You Mean to be filled with the same lighthearted melodies and lo-fi grace that the Sink Tapes have carried with them since their 2010 debut.

The group has done well for themselves over the past three years, perfecting their pop sensibilities and capitalizing on the natural sync of their four man troupe. The band’s soft-pop underbelly is spiced up by a heavy dose of early ’90s alt-rock. The result is an easygoing sound that stays varied and interesting from riff to riff and track to track. It’s unclear whether the group has taken any experimental turns on their upcoming album, but we will soon find out.

The video released earlier this week for “Famous Glitching Clan” gives each member a stark but playful close up. At first glance the spread seems like a still life, portraits of the musicians stacked on top of one another and bordered together with heavy strokes. But a closer look reveals the band mates are blinking and breathing, swaying and nodding as the tempo picks up. One mate even braves a few smiles. The result is something like a living album cover, the band members all inhabiting their own corner of the scene. Check it out below, and head over to Facebook to check out the Sink Tapes upcoming shows.

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