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Sink Tapes Release New Video From The Studio For “Please Touch”

Evan Cardin June 10, 2013 News No Comments

STAOn June 7th, the New Brunswick based Sink Tapes¬†premiered an in-studio video to accompany the release of their new track “Please Touch”. Over the past two years Sink Tapes have been hard at work, recording and releasing the full length albums Please Touch¬†and Same Strange Dream. Earlier in 2013 the band released the standalone single “Super Happy”, and the five song EP Mattress Cowboys.

The four man fuzz-rock quartet has stayed true to its expressionist roots since the get-go, proving that power isn’t as much about musical mechanics as it is about inducing a feeling. Their sound emerges as a blanket of noise that wraps the listener tight in hazy feedback. The guitars curiously tamp down new chords while monotone vocals anchor the buoyant melodies.

However, Sink Tapes’ new release “Please Touch” is missing the vocals that ground the band’s other tunes. The bassist and drummer end up doing double duty to keep the song on track, while the guitars bend and sway with distortion, unleashing a wave of soft Rock that rolls along, oblivious to anything but itself.

The song is an alternative adventure, one that manages to thrill but ultimately satisfy. Check it out below, and scope out Sink Tapes at an upcoming show, which are listed to the right.

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