Sledding With Tigers Announce Not The Beatles Yet Vinyl Release, Stream “Quit YR Job”

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Sledding With Tigers

When we last heard from San Diego “‘not folk enough for folk’ and ‘not punk enough for punk” outfit Sledding With Tigers, they were revealing more than just a new tune in the video for “Not So Body Posi After All”.

Now the band is moving forward to look back with the release of Not The Beatles Yet, a compilation of 14 songs from the early, raw years of Sledding With Tigers. The album will get the vinyl treatment with 300 pressings, 175 in Black and 125 in a Rainbow Variant.

The lead single, “Quit YR Job”, is an early tease of what was to come with Dan Faughdner explaining:

“I don’t know if I was listening to too much (the correct amount) of Spraynard and Latterman at the time, but this is the most pop-punk song I’ve ever written. I wrote it after I had graduated from college, and did that cool thing that kids are doing these days; I moved back in with my parents. I never felt more alone in a city that was supposed to my “hometown” and never felt more like a stranger in a crowd of friends.

It’s also about feeling lost and antsy in the things, places and people that you love. Sometimes, all you want to do is change for the sake of change. Sometimes, that sounds like a great idea, but mostly, its terrifying.”

Pre-orders for the album are ongoing on Antique Records’ store. In addition to the album itself, several additional limited edition items have been made available for purchase, including a new SWT shirt and a hand-numbered floppy disk featuring the track “A Floppy Disk Worth Of A Song.” All bundles are available here.

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