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So David Bowie Might Be Open To Playing Live Again After All

Mike Mehalick January 15, 2013 News 1 Comment

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Tony Visconti, longtime collaborator and producer for Bowie, must be having a really great time these days? How could you not? Every music publication in the world is clamoring for even the slightest morsel, the thinnest slice of information regarding the surprise new record from David Bowie, The Next Day.

Although Visconti has been letting details slip little by little, the one thing he has adamantly maintained is that Bowie has no intentions of playing live in promotion of the album, and possibly never again for that matter.

Now we have this via Rolling Stone;

The big question: Do you think Bowie will tour?

He says that he will only play if he feels like it, but no tour. Like, if [he] wanted to do the odd show in New York or, I don’t know, London, he would if he felt like it. And he made that very clear to the label that he wasn’t going to tour or do any kind of ridiculously long album promotion. It was his idea to just drop it at midnight on his birthday and just let things avalanche.

Do you really think it’s possible he’d do just one show?

It’s possible, if he feels like it. I don’t know. I spoke to him two days ago and he said, “I’m really adamant I’m not gonna do a tour.” And he said, “If I might, I might do one show.” But who knows when.

The plot continues to thicken as the March 8th release date approaches for Bowie’s latest endeavor. Fingers crossed that he decides to give it a go.

Tracklist: David Bowie, The Next Day

1. “The Next Day”
2. “Dirty Boys”
3. “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”
4. “Love Is Lost”
5. “Where Are We Now?”
6. “Valentine’s Day”
7. “If You Can See Me”
8. “I’d Rather Be High”
9. “Boss of Me”
10. “Dancing Out In Space”
11. “How Does the Grass Grow?”
12. “(You Will) Set the World On Fire”
13. “You Feel So Lonely You Could Die”
14. “Heat”
15. “So She” (Bonus Track)
16. “I’ll Take You There” (Bonus Track)
17. “Plan” (Bonus Track)

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