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SIMGE On The Scene: Spafford Played To A Sold Out Wonder Bar

Phil Shepherd January 25, 2018 Live, Reviews No Comments

Arizona based jam band, Spafford, stopped by the Wonder Bar and proceeded to energize a sold out crowd into a frenzy. Two sets, 2 1/2 hours of music to trip your head and sooth your soul. The quartet was all in for the night, no warm up band, excellent light show and a whole bunch of grooving going on.

One thing I always key in on with this type of song is the transitions within the tune. Of course there is a structure to the madness, but sometimes you just never know where the middle is going to go. Quarter notes are a beautiful thing in this case. I only picked up this once throughout the night and that means these guys know each other like the back of their hands. Lots-o-touring. Originally formed in 2009, the unit has been together since 2011 with only drummer Cameron Laforest joining up recently. And they do have a born and bread Jersey connection courtesy of guitarist Brian Moss.

With little room to move and no rail, I was stuck in one spot for most of the night, clearing the front towards the end so I could get a couple of crowd shots. I went drummer less for the night too, quite the rarity. That crowded.  A selfish disappointment for me, you all know I how like to capture drummer images. Spafford have been selling out many of their shows during this tour, choosing more intimate venues to have some fun in. I have a feeling the next time they come around we will be seeing them at The Pony and packing that out as well. Who knows, they will be back out this way in June so maybe they will hook up with Umphrey’s McGee again and hit up the Summer Stage. That would be very cool. Check out their Spotify page for tons of live tunes taken from various shows. And create some room when you listen because you will be moving!

A few choice selections from the evening:

Spafford125_PShepherd-5 Spafford125_PShepherd-19 Spafford125_PShepherd-23 Spafford125_PShepherd-28 Spafford125_PShepherd-31 Spafford125_PShepherd-39 Spafford125_PShepherd-68 Spafford125_PShepherd-74 Spafford125_PShepherd-81 Spafford125_PShepherd-117 Spafford125_PShepherd-118 Spafford125_PShepherd-134

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