Announcing The 4th Annual 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge

Mike Mehalick July 26, 2017 News No Comments

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Time, well, flies. Almost three years to the day a lonely man boy conceived of a project wherein he would enlist a number of talented and generous-with-their-time-and-talents musicians to write and record a brand spankin’ new song in 24 hours or LESS.

A lot has happened since then but each and every year the 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge has grown bigger and better with proceeds donated to a worthy cause having to do with a) the arts or b) mental health or c) BOTH. The greatest joy I’ve derived from putting this thing together, aside from working with these wonderful charities and non-profits, however, is seeing artists still performing, honing and ultimately releasing their submissions from over the years as fully fleshed out songs. If you’ve seen Fruit & Flowers since last November, you’ve likely caught them whipping up their song from last year’s comp, “Way Out,” which gets better and better every time I see them and is apparently due for a proper studio recording in the not so distant future.

Anywhoozle, I’m happy to announce that the 4th Annual 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge is set for……………………………..O_________o…….October 21st, 2017! Yay!

On a more serious note, over the past few weeks, we’ve all learned of the tragic passings of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Although each and every individual’s experience with mental health and the factors that contribute to its wellness or deterioration are different, everyone should have access to a compassionate and discerning voice, in terms of determining an escalation of crisis actions, in their most trying moments. With that, we’ll be donating all of the money made from this year’s 24 Hour Songwriting Challenge to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Donations will be used to support Lifeline and fund services such as crisis chat services and training for counselors.

I’m also happy to share that I’ve recruited the wonderful and talented Nicole Calascibetta to help with this year’s challenge. To what degree will she be involved? TO BE DETERMINED. But anyone who has been active in music communities in New Jersey over the past few years knows just how great Nicole is in pretty much everything she does.

So set your calendars for October 21st and reach out to me at if you would like to participate in this year’s challenge. Nicole and I are also looking into opening the challenge up to artists of ALL MEDIUMS and devising a sort of hybrid gallery/concert thing on the 21st. Please, please, please drop me a line if you’d like to be involved in any capacity this year and enjoy the previous three compilations below!

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