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Split Single Feature: The Mellowells – “Coffee and the Weather” // “So Strange”

Scarlett Ziemba October 1, 2014 New Music, Reviews No Comments

The Mellowells

The Mellowells have a candid new split single that came out back in July, “Coffee and the Weather” & “So Strange”. The Mellowells are a band from Annville, PA formed at Lebanon Valley College in the spring in 2013. The bandmates are Jesse Barki on vocals, John DiCocco playing guitar, Caden Myers on bass, and Cory Paternoster on drums.

It’s funny to note that The Mellowells very first gig was opening up for rapper Sammy Adams, as the mis-match led to them getting booed off the stage. Well those days are behind them as the band has found a nice following in the Philly indie music scene.

The two songs on this split have a soulful, almost aching sound, especially “Coffee and Weather.” The imagery of broken mirrors, past lives, and coffee cup stains of staying up all night with someone you have been loving but arguing with is really potent.

Poignant lyrics stick in your mind as Jesse screams, “I’ll take it back for all it’s worth,” and you find yourself wondering if they ever do make up because you can’t talk about the weather until morning. I’ll be honest and say I can never quite finish this song all the way through without having nostalgia drift me away to a time when I have had these same late nights.

The song “So Strange” might be the end result of “Coffee and Weather’s” narrative. “You’re never gunna get me back,” is earnestly echoed by the band. The guitar playing in “So Strange” is melodic and it’s what makes the song catchy and a bit punk rock.

Altogether I really dig their heartfelt music and can’t wait for a full length album to come out. Stream The Mellowells’ “Coffee and the Weather” & “So Strange” below.

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