Stay Inside Returns With “Fever And Jealousy” // New EP Out 2/23

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Stay Inside

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Last year, Brooklyn-based post-hardcore group Stay Inside stormed the scene with their excellent As You Were EP. Since then, the band has only sharpened their edges while smoothing their slick progressions.

2018 brings with it a new set of challenges for us all and with it a new EP, The Sea Engulfs Us and the Light Goes Out. Stay Inside recently release the short player’s first single, “Fever And Jealousy,” a melodic, mathy burner of a track boiling over with urgency. The band’s Bryn Nieboer details it in full below.

Check out “Fever And Jealousy” and pre-order the EP, out February 23rd via Old Press Records, here.

“‘Fever and Jealousy’ is a song about trust. We wanted to write a song about the creeping suspicions about people you love that can sometimes worm their way into your mind. It can feel irrational, but we’re all plagued with questions like ‘What if they’re cheating on me?,’ ‘Do they trust me less because of my ethnicity?,’ ‘Are they kinda uncomfortable to be around me because of my orientation? Or because I’m a woman?’ These questions can be really difficult to confront, because we’re torn between feeling slighted and not wanting to confront someone we care about for something they don’t actually feel. It can make you feel a little crazy, and we wanted to hear that friction in the song.

This was the last song we wrote for the record, and we were still working it out while in the studio. We had the music, but lyrically, it just sorta ended. The day we recorded it, I had an idea to bring in something like a unified cathartic chorus. The idea being that although this can be really difficult and murky to work through, it’s still important to hold onto each other, because we’re all experiencing the same kind of pain.”

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